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Dnox Beckers

MCBN: Welcome back to South Africa. We’re extremely excited to see you on the Techno Womb floor at Earthdance. This is the first time you will be performing the full D-Nox and Beckers show in SA, what can the crowd expect from your set?

Hello there. We are excited too. Yes this will be the first time that we both will be performing together in SA. We got invited to present our 10th anniversary show which is a live & visual show. We will be performing 90 mins of only our music, 100% D-Nox & Beckers plus a special programmed video show that will be synced to our music.

MCBN: D-Nox it’s not your first time in South Africa, in fact, you were here for Origin 2 years back! Can you tell us your thoughts on the Cape Town party scene?

Yes that’s right and I had a superb time at Origin. I remember a wonderful festival, with beautiful people in a stunning location. And of course I remember my two sets that I got to play. The Cape Town scene seems to be much more psytrance oriented than other scenes that I get to play for. It’s pretty similar to the Israeli scene. Usually I fear to play for a psytrance crowd because my music is quite slow for them and less psychedelic but I had such a good time closing the main stage at Origin that I want to come back and play again.

MCBN: and Frank (Beckers), what have you heard?

It´s going to be my first time in South Africa and I´m pretty excited about it. I have heard so many positive and good things about the country. Several people have told me, that it´s one of the best places in the world. About the party scene I don´t know that much, but I´m looking forward to see what´s going on there…

MCBN: When did you guys meet, and how did the project, D-Nox & Beckers come to life?

That was around the year 2000. We have friends in common and we used to hang out at the same festivals or clubs. Somehow around 2003 we have decided to work together. In 2004 we sat down and worked on the first song which was a remix for Air Bureau – All We Shine. We have released on D-nox label Sprout and the feedback was massive. This is why we decided to continue writing music and the rest is pretty much history.

MCBN: You have always had a very unique and distinctive sound throughout your careers, who were your influences in the early stages of your career and which musicians do you look up to and regard as artists who have done great work for the Electronic Music scene?

Our main influence is our daily life, our travels, gigs and all the happens around us. We don’t really look at other artist, especially not from the past. We right the music that we feel in that moment when we get together.

MCBN: What are the top three tracks in your record bag (Or on your USB) at the moment?

D-nox USB: Brian Cid – Myst, Oniris – Losing Ground, Collidr – Wanna Be

Beckers USB:  FrancescoRossi – Godspeed You (Martin-Buttrich-Vocal-Mix),  Marvin Horsch – Deen, Pimpo Gama – Wake the Sun (Beckers Rmx)

MCBN: Are there any other projects that you work on besides D-Nox & Beckers? 

Beckers is working on another project, focused on deeper and slower Music, its doing pretty fine, he got released on Dixon Label Innervisions and such. D-Nox is working with Victor Ruiz on some stronger tracks which gets released on Stephan Bodzins Herzblut label.

MCBN: South Africa has an extremely fast growing electronic music scene; do you know any artists down this side? Have you heard of any South Africa artists who have made waves overseas or in any of your music players?

When it comes to club music to be honest no, but we know some dudes from the early psytrance age, like Regan or Nate Protoculture.

MCBN: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while touring and DJ’ing? I’m sure you guys have seen some wild things…

Nothing that should become public here. We don’t want to shock our parents as long as they life.

MCBN: If you could have dinner (and loads of tequila) with three people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

D-Nox, I have never thought about that. Should be 3 mates that can drink quite a lot and speak the same kind of humour language than me.

Beckers: Lemmy from Motorhead, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai and Ed Sheeran 😉  Lemmy because nobody can do more, Jay Kay and and Sheeran, because they are great musicians and I think they both know how to get wasted…

 MCBN: We’re cannot wait for this weekend, see you soon

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