Interview | Citizen Kain (FRA)

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MCBN: Tell us the story of how you got into the Citizen Kain project and how long ago did this happen?

At the very first begining, in 2007, Citizen Kain was a duo with my best friend Chris Dudzinski, we was both involved in techno music as djs and promoters, spending all our time together, so someday we decided to create this partnership because it hasn’t any sense to travel each one of our sides … But for some personal reasons, in 2010 he decided to leave the project and be only involved in his main job, what was totally understandable … Then i decided to keep the project alive and to continued alone the story …

MCBN: You’re currently signed to Neverending, your own label, how has it been running the label and how has it grown over the past 7-8 years?

I created Neverending around 2010 because it was important for me to have my own imprint and be free to release what I want without always respecting what wants the usual main labels … When you do something a little bit different than the « standards », it sometimes hard to find the good persons to work with, so with my own label, i just can do what i want, when i want. I have the chance to meet a lot of artists while I’m touring and to have the opportunity to invite them to make original tracks or remixes for Neverending, so the label grew up quickly and has always been his little success. My colleagues Meda & Phuture Traxx have also made a lot to make it evolved.

MCBN: Who is signed to Neverending records with you?

So many people but to name a few, Kiko, Secret Cinema, Uto Karem, Pfirter, The Advent & Industrialyzer, Kolombo, Worakls, Alberto Ruiz, The Hacker, Aka Aka, Klaudia Gawlas, Johannes Heil, Robert Armani, Lutzenkirchen, Lopazz, Mihalis Safras, Da Fresh, Spartaque, Electric Rescue, Tomcraft, Scan X, Justin Berkovi, Angy Kore, Marc Depulse, Pablo Bolivar, Paride Saraceni, Dani Sbert, the list is really too long to name all but we have a lot of artists in different styles who worked with us.

MCBN: You’re getting some massive responses to your track ‘Meantime’ with Maceo Plex giving it love in France and Ibiza, would you say this is some of your best work to date?

Well, I don’t know really, usually I think that the newest track is better than the previous one and it’s not because the biggest artist’s drop a track that is the best, there’s a lot of settings in the promotion of music, sometimes your worst track has the luck to be discovered by everybody because the promotion of the label where you release it is great and another time what you think is your best track has a bad promotion and nobody will know it … Anyway, I like a lot and I’m proud of « Meantime » , I’m playing it in every set but I cannot tell you if it’s my best track or not … 🙂

MCBN: How does it feel having guys like Hawtin, Garnier, Maceo etc playing your music to the masses.

Of course, I’m very happy and proud, it’s always a pleasure when I discover a video of a very important artist like them playing my music!

MCBN: How would you describe the sound you produce?

I think we can say that it’s a mix between Techno & House Music with a lot of influences of all that I take in from every genre, it’s usually fat and groovy.

MCBN: Do you prefer playing festivals or club gigs?

I like both but I have a little preference for festivals, the most important thing is the way promoters are welcoming artists, this, for me, is 80% of the reason an artist can enjoy his gig.

MCBN: What are your top 3 tracks (secret weapons) at the moment that are really smashing the dance floors you’ve been playing on?

Kiko & Dave Davis – Living In space Feat. Phoebe (Original Mix)
John Acquaviva, Manuel De La Mare – Sacralicious (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
Citizen Kain & Kiko – What Time is it ?

MCBN: When it comes to production, you’re not short of talent at all, we’re really loving the work you’re pushing out at the moment. What equipment are you using on an average track you produce?

On most of my productions, I use Ableton Live 9 or Cubase, a Roland TR-8, an Arturia Minibrute (often for basses) + Arturia V Collection 5 and my favourite synth, a Moog Sub 37.

MCBN: Any last words for the people of Cape Town?

I’m really excited and impatient to come to play in Cape Town & it’ll be my very first time over south Africa! I’m 100% sure that we’ll spend an incredible moment together, see you very soon!!! : ))

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