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Its not often that a half man, half centipede becomes an infamous disc jockey. Partially because it is not an aesthetically pleasing disposition, and partially due to the lack of opposable thumbs. However every now and then we get an instance where one of these insect hybrids lurches its thorax to the pinnacle of musical fame and thus steps in Chris Jackipede, and no he is not a pedophile with an inclination for young boys, but rather a multi limbed extraordinaire versed in the ways of tech house. We got chatting to him with regards to the current music’s scene attitude, his synonymy for Getting Dumber than anyone else in the mother city and what he would do with three French maid outfits, 4 cucumbers and a 13 year old’s imagination!

MCBN: Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Chris. We know you have just come back from a recent trip to Ibiza, how was that? How does it compare to Cape Town and what we are used to week in, week out?

Chris Jack: Always a pleasure for you guys!

On to the Devil’s Island then… I don’t think its humanly possible to describe such a place. Honestly, I’m not sure its even hit me that just over a week ago, I was standing centre-front on the Amnesia main floor, hearing some life changing shit being aired out by my new hero in music, Sven Vath, better yet, all on viny AND on a custom made Funktion One soundsysteml!

From the Sunset Terrace at Space, with  Joris Voorn, Umek, Carl Cox, Dubfire and Nic Fanciulli, to the main room at Amnesia for Cocoon, with Papa Sven, Chris Tjieten, Loco Dice, and Martin Buttrich as well as Cream with Above & Beyond (Whose Ahem, exclusive secret beach party we attended too Ahem Ahem!) to the laidback sunset sessions @ Café Mambo with Arno Cost et al… Ibiza truly is like no place on earth and the only way to fully comprehend what I mean, is to get on the next plane out and get in the thick of it!

As for the comparison with the Mother City, well, I think you can answer that one for yourselves!

MCBN: When did you start DJing and have you dabbled in a little bit of production?

Chris Jack: I’d always had a firm interest in house music and Djing from about the age of 14, but back then it was all about the Winamp crossfader plugin, my Pentium 2 desktop and some wannabee headphones – gangsta!! I guess i properly started playing around the end of 2006 though, when I was just finishing school. I managed to aquire some decks and a mixer and haven’t looked back since!

As far as the production side of things goes… I will no doubt be getting more involved towards the end of 2010 and seriously in 2011 when I have more time as I’ll be finished with my degree, well, if I pass! But that’s definitely the next step for me in my career and im super excited to get that ball rolling.

MCBN: What is the filthiest thing you have done for money?

Chris Jack: Im sorry, missed that… Could you please repeat the question?

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment? We know you found some sneaky little gem’s over in Ibiza

Chris Jack: Hahah, your’e on to me hey! Very difficult to say right now as there are too many to choose from! Im gonna be doing a new mix in the next two weeks which will have plenty treats in so keep an eye out on my fanpage for the link! (

Without giving away any secret weapons now.. in no particular order:

  1. Tube & Berger – Kreidler Flory (Tapesh Remix
  2. Unknown – Scylla (Original Mix) CDR
  3. Elliot Sivad – Get Up To Disco (Original Mix) CDR

MCBN: What stands out for you as the best party you have DJ’d at and why?

Chris Jack: Also a tricky one! Apart from the numerous Get Dumb nights of course.. The best party ive played at has to be Electric Circus up in JHB. Supply and Myself closed the main floor from around 5:30am to 11:30am.. we managed to to somehow combine Tech House, Techno, Electro, Fidget, Drum n Bass and Progressive Trance into those 6 hours… not something you get to do everyday!

MCBN: What are your thoughts about the Cape Town scene at the moment, do you think there has been progression and growth?

Chris Jack: Personally, Im very interested to see where things will go now that the SWC is over… Although, from what I could see while I was here, only a few clubs really saw the expected growth and progression in terms of numbers etc. Unfortunately, A lot of clubs didn’t, and during Cape Towns winter or the “hibernation-of-literally-everyone”, if I can call it that.. that can be and is, a serious threat to our night scene.

However, its Cape Town we talking about and as we all know, one minute its this and the next is that! From my/our side alone, there are big things coming from the Get Dumb camp, as you know, both myself and Supply have been in Ibiza recharging the innovative and inspirative batteries and all I can tell you for now is that we coming back fresher, bigger and harder!

There are also some really positive rumours coming out of the mill regarding new venues and big international acts coming our way through the course of the year so hold tight for the confirmations!

It can and will only get better!

MCBN: What is the weirdest/craziest thing you have seen while behind the decks?

Chris Jack: Would probably have to be NYE 2009… somebody chucked a fircracker/canister/a-bomb up on the stage which somehow ended up in Supply’s hand, which then exploded, having us all hit the deck in a flash, and Nicks hand left looking like the dude from Scary Movie.. “stronnnng hand” and a chronic ringing in my left ear… that was pretty crazy!

MCBN: If you could go back to back with any DJ in the world, who would it be and why?

Chris Jack: Right now, it will probably have to be Sven Vath… there’s a few tunes I havent managed to find from his Amnesia sets, tracks that changed my life properly… If I could just get in that booth… I’d be able to sticky finger that shit quick!

MCBN: Hypothetically speaking, Julius Malema becomes our newest president in the next few months and bans all forms of house music for good, what would you do?

 Chris Jack: They say some things are better left unsaid…

MCBN: Would you rather go to the Met in a pink speedo and a white feather scarf and stand in the Caprice tent all day long?


Get locked into a spicy threesome with Venus Williams and Caster Semenya?

Chris Jack: Jesus! Hahaha… Is there not a third option of chewing glass or something?!

I’d have to take that spicy 3-way… but ONLY if Caster rides the Argus and skips the after-shower, before we start… jus sayin

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