Interview| Cairo Howarth [EFC President]


MCBN:  Howsit Cairo, thanks for chatting to us, we’re extremely keen EFC fans and have been since the very first event took place. Can you explain to us how you brought EFC to South Africa?

Cairo: We saw the popularity and rapidly expanding interest in MMA internationally, and decided to create a world-class promotion in Africa. There are so many great martial artists and athletes from this continent that did not have anywhere to showcase their skills. Now they do.

MCBN:  The sport has had an insanely huge impact on South Africa, being seen as one of the fastest growing sports at the moment, how have you enjoyed the growth of EFC since it’s inception to South Africa.

Cairo: The way that the African fans have taken to the sport and supported EFC AFRICA has been fantastic, plus we have seen big brands and TV networks backing us, which all creates what we believe is the most exciting and dynamic sports organisation on the continent

MCBN:  Who are you most exciting fighters to watch, and are there any fighters we should be keeping our eyes open for in the near future?

Cairo: You do not get any more exciting that Don Madge and Leon Mynhardt. The last time they fought was in Cape Town and it was fight of the year. With a title on the line we can expect even more action this time. Heavy hitters like Vandam Mbuyi and Cape Town’s Christophe Walravens are always exciting, plus expect big crowd-pleasing slams from Morne Prinsloo next week.

MCBN:  Can you give us a run down on how you choose fights and how it work for fighters looking to get a title shot?

Cairo: We put on the most relevant and exciting fights, the fights that get people talking. When deciding on title shots we take into account the quality of opponents and how well they perform. The best way for an athlete to get a tittle shot is to keep winning.

MCBN:  Do you see the sport growing to such an extent that we’ll see our fighters being imported across to UFC to do some international fighting?

Cairo: Our athletes are already world-class and can hold their own against the best in the world, and there are new stars and top prospects emerging at every EFC AFRICA event. EFC AFRICA is considered one of the best MMA organisations in the world, already broadcast in well over 100 countries, making our athletes household names and gaining them fans across the globe. We are always exploring opportunities for our athletes and they will all benefit from EFC AFRICAs continued growth

MCBN:  We’d also love to know why you have kept the fights from Cape Town for so long? There is a huge demand with 2 champions down in Cape Town. What’s the story for 2014? Can we expect some more fight cards happening in Cape Town!

Cairo:  We are very excited to be returning to Cape Town. The hype around next week’s event has been massive and fans can expect great fights. Good news is we are currently finalising our 2014 calendar and are hoping to host at least two events in Cape Town next year. There are great Capetonian athletes, including the two champs, and nothing beats them fighting in front of their home crowd. We are expecting the city to get behind the locals and rock GrandWest on 7 November. The better the support, the more events we will host in Cape Town.

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  1. Tyron Rightford (3-0) is somewhat of an enigma in the MMA community. With his karate background, The Rush brings a somewhat unorthodox style to the cage which has baffled many of his previous foes. His striking speed and precision is beautiful to watch, and can end fights in an instant. Rightford however has not been thoroughly tested in all facets of his game, and this makes it very difficult to judge just how adept he is in these departments. If history repeats itself however, we shall never know. Fresh off a big win against Jacques Joubert at EFC 11, Tyron Rightford could catapult himself into the halls of the MMA elite with a win over Donavin Hawkey.

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