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MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us Sir Bob. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing you in South Africa, more so, Cape Town on two occasions. Your sound has changed slightly since those visits… Can you give us an indication of whether we’ll be expecting an older Bloody Beetroots sounding set or will you be throwing in some new material?

Hey! It was MY pleasure playing for you guys, such a great time! The New Bloody Beetroots Live collects the old, the new and the future sounds of The Project itself. It has been developed to be heavier,deeper,more chaotic and louder then any other previous BB Live show.

MCBN: You created an absolute monster of an electro track with Steve Aoki called WARP 1.9 which put your name on the map. Can you tell us about your collaboration with Steve and do you still keep in contact and/or work on projects together?

I have wonderful memories of that week. Warp was born in a totally random way playing around in my studio in Italy. The same was for the Rifoki project, born that same week. Neither I nor Steve were aware of our future and it probably was that amount of recklessness that helped us both understand what we wanted to do. the rest is history

MCBN: You’ve worked alongside the biggest names in the electronic scene, who is your favorite artist(s) to collaborate with?

I love to work with people much older than me to absorb energy and experience.
My last album was a time travel that helped me acquire new information which became useful for the future. In life you never stop learning and I’m still traveling looking for new collaborations. Next Ones? Who knows…

MCBN: What are your top three songs in your player right now?

Moon Bounce – Fool
Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk
Beat Spacek – I Wanna Know

MCBN: Can you tell us about the black Venom masks? How did they originate and why?

They were inspired by Venom but over the years the BB Mask has evolved and will keep on evolving to find its original shape. 2015 will be oriented to discover that.

MCBN: You reintroduced your Bloody Beetroots live set in 2013 including a couple of band members. Can you let us know about this live show and what it includes?

The Bloody Beetroots Live is the final form in which the project is expressed at its best. I have rotated several musicians to find the optimal human component that could translate my compositions in the studio. It’s journey into what’s going on in my mind and every element, from the lights to the instruments, has been studied in detail to describe that state of total chaos.

MCBN: As mentioned earlier, you’ve been to Cape Town before, what are your thoughts on the party scene down this side and how does it compare to the rest of the world in your eyes?

I have vivid memories of great celebration and passion.

MCBN: We’d love to know a little more about your Rifoki project? How did that come about, you’ve always been into punk rock, did this allow you to creatively explore this sub-genre with Steve Aoki?

Rifoki was born from the desire to bring our punk roots together. In the future we will release new material, is our laboratory free of any scheme, and we’ll be back in the studio to redo the same experience.

MCBN: Having played at ALL of the biggest festivals across the world, can you let us know what has been your favourite or is still your favourite festival to play at?

No Doubt, Big Day Out in Sydney! even though I love the most playing for my fans in smaller places! The Fonda Theatre in LA this year was beyond any expectation.

MCBN: If you could sit down and enjoy a couple of tequilas and stories with 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Believe me, you better not make me drink Tequila. However I’d like to sit at a table face to face with Al Pacino, Ben Foster & Benicio Del Toro.

MCBN: We caught wind of your new social media platform you released called released “The Real Church of Noise”. Care to tell us a little bit more about this?

A Safe Platform to have your say about everything. Freedom

MCBN: Any last words for your South African fans? We’re excited to have you back for Sonar Cape Town and a Taste of Sonar in JHB

I’m excited!turn up the volume!!

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