Interview | Blake Williams


  1. We hear you will be performing at The Color Run – the “happiest 5k on the planet” – in Green Point, Cape Town. What does it mean to you to be performing in front of your community?


It excites me very much. I’ve been privileged to share my craft all around the world but nothing stimulates my soul more than performing for my home town. I work with the community every day, teaching young talented individuals to dance and nurture their dreams, and performing for them on a big stage at The Color Run just means I get to inspire them on a whole new level.


  1. Tell us about the community you grew up in? Do you feel a sense of responsibility towards that community because of your growing popularity?


I grew up in the Southern Suburbs. I’ve danced with many people and met even more people along the way. All of them still support me today and therefore I feel that I represent them as Blakethechamp. Not all of my friends are fortunate enough to share their talent like I am. Some still live their dreams through me and I always include them in my experiences and invite them to events. I am responsible for my community because I have become a role model for the youth. I understand this responsibility and I continuously work hard to improve myself so that I can be a great example to everyone that hears my story.


  1. What inspires you to be creative?


Music. Good music makes me feel like a superhuman. At times I can’t stop myself from catching beats to a good tune. I’m also very inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.


  1. What do you love about colour and why do you think it is important in life?


I believe that as creative people we were all born with style. Colour plays a huge role in the term ‘Style’. We are able to add flavour and uniqueness to our own style using colour. That’s why certain people have a favourite colour that best describes them and this could change over time as they change. It is attached to a feeling. I love the good feeling that comes with an amazing colour I don’t often see or wearing my favourite clothing because the colour of it just stands out and highlights my character as Blakethechamp.


  1. Do you identify with the event’s values: health, happiness, individuality and giving back?


Yes I most certainly do. I am happy to say my daily mission in life is to give back by encouraging individuals to achieve their goals and nurture their talents while keeping fit and healthy.


  1. One of Capitec’s themes at The Color Run is #LiveBetter, with focus to pioneer a movement of like-minded people/ thinkers & doers that aspire to live better and live free. The message is that taking control of your life gives you freedom. Do you find that this philosophy is true for your own life?


This philosophy is 100% on point. I am a living example of it. I don’t come from the best community, I didn’t attend the best schools and my family couldn’t afford to pay for my first trip to World Champs. But I never gave up, I kept competing and winning and eventually a sponsor approached me and funded my trip to World Champs. The first time I competed internationally I became the World Champion. If you block out the negativity and only focus on your goals your reality will become whatever you dream to be.


  1. What does #LiveBetter mean to you? (living better could mean being able to afford to eat healthy, join a gym, travel the world, get those shoes you have always wanted, being able to help someone else , buying your first car, house, building a good credit record, etc.)


To me, #LiveBetter means being a better person all round. Creating a list of your own weaknesses and almost training yourself to turn those weaknesses into strengths. A good foundation molds champions.


  1. What can we expect to see on the 12 November? What songs can fans look forward to hearing at The Color Run in Cape Town?


I don’t want to give too much away but the fans can definitely expect to see some signature moves from Blakethechamp. We will be jamming to quite a bit of Jimmy Nevis tracks and 24k Magic – Bruno Mars. So yes, it’s going be awesome!


  1. Does it take a certain positive #LiveBetter attitude to create opportunities and connections that have led to this success? What does the future hold for Blake Williams?


Yes I strongly believe that your energy and mindset attract positive people and opportunities in your life. Being able to understand failure and the important role it plays in success is imperative for progressive living and achieving ones goals. The future may hold another World Championship competition Blakethechamp. I’ve won World Champs twice already, which hasn’t been done before but I feel I could do it a third time and really put South Africa on the map as home of the world’s greatest solo dancer.


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