Interview | Black Light

MCBN: For those that don’t know Black Light, would you mind giving our readers a better understanding of who you guys are, what you do and where you can be found?

First of all, Big shout out to MyCityByNight for the interview!

Grey – We are Greysiin and Matt. We play good techno music. “The techno scientists” As some call us.

Matt – We are a techno duo that lives in Cape Town. We are both originally from Johannesburg and met in Cape Town and started Blacklight. We can be found on any social media platforms:


MCBN: Who would you say your biggest musical influences and inspirations were as teens?

Grey – Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Oskido and Brenda Fasi

Matt – I was a metal head in my teens but I moved to Electronic Music when I heard HVOB. More electronically, HVOB, Stimming and Steyoyoke Records.

MCBN: Describe your sound in 3 words.

Grey – Dark, Spacey, Uplifting Techno

Matt – Dark, Exciting, Fast.

MCBN: What has been your most memorable show/moment to date and why? Who are your top 5 acts that have influenced your sound over the course of your production journey?

As a combined duo, we played a show at the end of last year. There were 2 internationals on the bill and one of them wasn’t doing a very good job. The owner of the club called us to hurry up and get there because people were leaving. The other international act was playing before us and we were supposed to play for 2 hours but we ended up playing for 6 hours. We closed a full club at 5:30. It was the best set we have played and had the best crowd!

Our biggest influences have been our mentors Nick Shepard and David Ireton as The Fogshow. They have helped us immensely with advice and understanding of the scene. We are also influenced by Killer Robot, Dean Fuel, D_Know, Fabio and Jed. Internationally It would be Matt Mus, Ben Klock, Dax J, Advent, The Industrialyzer & Alex Bau.

MCBN You two are seen as one of the fastest growing techno duos in Cape Town, how do you feel about that? Where to next? Do you feel it’s a good thing to grow so fast?

We are surprised when we heard that from someone we respect.  We just work hard and put a lot of time and effort into what we do because we love it so much. We are happy that we are becoming established in our area, especially because our main target market isn’t Cape Town. This is just the beginning and we feel that through hard work, we can achieve whatever we want.

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