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  1. We hear you will be performing at The Color Run – “the happiest 5k on the planet” – in Green Point, Cape Town. What does it mean to you to be performing in front of your community?


We are super stoked to hit the stage at The Color Run! We cannot wait for the runners to hear what we have been working on and we are excited to jam with them.


  1. Tell us about the community you grew up in? Do you feel a sense of responsibility towards that community because of your growing popularity?


Jody grew up in Goodwood and I grew up in Welgelegen. We consider ourselves to be Cape Town boys hoping that our growing popularity can shine a light on the communities we grew up in. We are from small communities, filled with wonderful people who have amazing stories and talents. With our rise we hope to inspire the young boys and girls who are aspiring to succeed, and we want them to know that yes, you can do it!


  1. What inspiration would you like Cape Town Color Runners to take from your music?


Well what makes us unique is that our music encompasses no vocals. So we really want our audience to sit back, be present in the moment and listen to the music – like really feel the music. The message we always try to bring across is that anything is possible and to have fun!


  1. Do you identify with the event’s values: health, happiness, individuality and giving back?


100%! Those are principals which have been instilled as we were growing up, and values which we try to emulate through our daily existence. Hopefully by living these values we inspire others to do the same and live their best life.


  1. One of Capitec’s themes at The Color Run is #LiveBetter, with focus to pioneer a movement of like-minded people/ thinkers & doers that aspire to live better and live free. The message is that taking control of your life gives you freedom. Do you find that this philosophy is true for your own life?


Yes we do, our interpretation is that it’s really about living your best life. We truly believe in focusing on the things you can change and letting go of/ getting rid of those things that are out of your control, because holding onto them will do you no good. We also think it’s about surrounding yourself with positive people with a can-do attitude.


  1. What does #LiveBetter mean to you? (living better could mean being able to afford to eat healthy, join a gym, travel the world, get those shoes you have always wanted, being able to help someone else , buying your first car, house, building a good credit record, etc.)


#LiveBetter encompasses all aspects of your life – not just one. It’s about finding a healthy balance between your body, mind and soul.


  1. What can we expect to see on the 12 November? What songs can fans look forward to hearing at The Color Run in Cape Town?


We can’t as yet confirm our set list, but we can say that two of our favourite songs right now are “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Calvin Harris’ “This Is What You Came For”, so they might feature. We’ll also definitely be throwing in one of our latest projects.



  1. Does it take a certain positive #LiveBetter attitude to create opportunities and connections that have led to this success? What does the future hold for Acoustic Element?


We guess it comes down to setting realistic goals, having a positive mindset, taking a chance and then working hard to achieve it. We also believe that giving back is a wonderful and important thing to do. The future looks colourful! Stay tuned.


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