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When mentioning the name Ace Ventura in any conversation you bound to get everyone’s attention, a name that has surely become synonymous  when speaking in psy progressive terms or language off course. With many years of experience, Yoni Oshrat aka Ace Ventura he has developed a sixth sense with his music that has earned comfortable earned him the reputation of becoming one of the biggest, if not the biggest name in the psy-progressive business today.
I think I speak for all fans when saying that South Africa is super excited to have him return for yet another memorizing experience this Saturday at Love & Light.

1.) We are super excited to have you return for Love & Light this March, are you excited to be back and what was your personal experience from last year’s event?

I sure am. Coming down to South Africa is always good fun with good friends and awesome parties. Last year’s Love and light was awesome and really looking forward to this edition. Also, it’s gonna be my first time in Joburg, so i’m quite pumped about that as well.

2.) We believe  your new album ‘Paradise Engineering’ is near completion, and soon to be released… are you as excited about ‘Paradise Engineering’ as your were with ‘Rebirth’ your debut release from 2007, and what could fans expect?

Rebirth was not my first artist album but was the first as Ace Ventura, so it was naturally super exciting. But that was 8 years ago and I haven’t had a studio album since – so of course, i’m fully excited again. Expect the unexpected ! Nah, fans who like my sound will get what they are looking for and I hope they dig it. The album has some very interesting collaborations, including tracks with Juno Reactor, Astrix, LOUD and others.

3.) What is one of your favourite tracks that you currently spinning at festivals around the globe?  And what other music would be on rotation back home when Ace Ventura kicks back for some timeout?

Theres a lot of good music going around. Good stuff from Astrix, Symbolic, Zen mechanics, Ritmo, Vini Vici and so on. At home i kick back to rather chilled sounds compared, such as Tipper, Boards of Canada, Isan, Liquid stranger, Hedflux…and if i wanna kick it harder i turn to Zenon records, my favourite psychedelic label.

4.) Looking back over your travels the past year, what has been your most memorable experience, besides the 5hr monster set at BOOM 2014?

Its been one of the best summers ever in Europe. I had an amazing time in many festivals, such as Ozora in Hungary, Antaris in Germany, Psy-Fi in Holland and of course Boom in Portugal. Love ’em all !

5.) When looking back across your career as producer, your style has very much evolved and matured since the early days of Psysex, do you see it evolving again anytime soon?

I hope it will keep changing otherwise people will get bored with it. I wish i had more hours in a day to make all kinds of electronic music…alas, time is short. But as a perfect stranger once said, Learning equals change.

6.) Besides been known for producing some of the most popular psy progressive dance floor hits over the past few years, have you been dabbling with any other genres besides your chillout/ambient project Schatsi, and is this project still active?

Recently i completed a 95 bpm downtempo tune which brought me back to the very creative days of the Schatsi project. The track has many styles inside, from dub to ska and even slight opera elements, peppered with indian vocals. Quite an interesting salad….i will probably feature it on the digital edition of my album. Had great fun doing it though, so there will definitely be more of that coming.

7.) You recently relocated from Israel to Switzerland, will this mean that we might see a resurrection on the Liquid Ace project you have with Liquid Soul?

It sure does. Already been to Liquid Soul’s studio and finished a track which will appear on my album. We are both very busy so i don’t know how frequently we will produce together, but i’m sure more Liquid Ace is on the horizon.

8.) Your new Love & Light mix covers a broad range of  psy-progressive sounds, from a more driving sound to off-beat, is this a good indication of what we can expect of your dj set at Love & Light?

I don’t really plan my sets in advance and i tend to take it as i go as i read the crowd. But Love & Light is a daytime party so the set has to have some kind of sexyness in it, at some point at least…I always prefer to have an emphasis on power, but u gotta think of the ladies – so i throw bone here and there ! What i can promise, is a lot of surprises, as my party sets are based on unreleased material, which i cannot use in my online sets. There will be blood !

9.) We’d like to end of with just a few quick short quirky questions, firstly:

You are chosen as the first artist to perform on planet MARS, but you have to submit your opening track, what would it be?

By default it will be the remix iv’e made for my track called M.A.R.S, but i think its best playing something that alien life forms would understand, like music from Aphex twin.

10.) Are UFO’s myth or fact?

On paper, the answer is neither, but my heart says the latter. The truth is out there ! Trust no one !

11.) If you could choose to remix any track from any artist, but has to be from your childhood years, who and what would it be?

One of the instrumental tracks from The Alan Parsons project.

12.)  Finally what could fans expect next weekend?

A shitload of good times ! Really excited about my debut gig in Joburg, and Can’t wait to party with Emok, Zyce, the L&L crew and the capetown nutters….See ya !

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