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MCBN: Thanks for chatting to us David & Stephen,  it’s an honour to speak to you before your initial South African tour. We, at MyCityByNight, have been waiting a long time to see you perform live. Can you tell us how you separated 2ManyDJs came along from your Soulwax project?

There were four of us in soulwax and we didn’t like sharing the limelight so we ditched the other two. the equipment was also really heavy.

MCBN: Can you tell us the differentiation between Soulwax and 2ManyDJs when it comes to performing your shows?

Yup, that’s pretty easy. One plays records, the other plays musical instruments. If any other journalists are reading this please take note.

MCBN: Can you tell us about your TV show in the late 90’s called “Hang The DJ”. How did the show come about and what were your intentions? Did this help you grow the 2ManyDjs brand?

Hang The DJ was a radio show on Belgian national radio Studio Brussel, not a TV show, and it definitely helped 2manydjs grow, perhaps not so much as a brand but more the fact that we had a weekly show forced us to be productive and make a lot of things.

MCBN: You’ve played at festival across the world, to large numbers of fans at one time. Do you prefer playing to large sold out shows or do you prefer a smaller, more intimate setting when playing your gigs?

A sold out show is always preferable to a non-sold out show. I’m not sure anyone prefers playing those. We actually like to do a bit of both. At some festivals like the secret garden party in england we will do a massive show to thousands on their main stage and then later on perform a secret show in one of the little tents to about 200 people. That way you get the best of both worlds.

MCBN: One of our favourite documentaries is “Part of the Weekend Never Dies”. You filmed around 120 gigs with one single camera. Can you tell us how this project came about and how did the end product turn out for you? We still watch it to this day!

We were travelling around the world and going to all these amazing places and having incredible gigs that we just wanted to document as much of the insanity and joy as we could. We are happy with the way it turned out and its great to hear that people are still watching it although we don’t.  For us it is now a little time capsule that maybe we’ll dig up when we are really ancient and have nothing else to do…we’ll watch it when we are in the Ibiza Retirement Home for djs.

MCBN: You remixed and bootlegged a number of artists, can you let us know which is your favourite remix to date? Your remix of “Eple” & “Phantom” are still my favourites.

We’re glad you like that one..we’re very happy with the way it turned out…for us, its difficult for us to have a favourite, they are like our children. If we were to prefer one to the others they would get very upset.

MCBN: You’ve been in the game for over 2 decades, what drives you and motivates you to stay at the top of your game with new acts coming and going by the day.

We are driven by the need to have music be part of our lives and to share and connect with people in this way. It is an intoxicating experience and once you have it, its difficult to not want it. And obviously getting paid whilst travelling the world to do that is an added bonus and possibly a motivating factor. Its definitely a win win.

MCBN: When playing a 2ManyDJs set, do you ever throw in any of your Soulwax tracks or do you keep it strictly 2ManyDJs? And vice versa, do you add any of your 2ManyDJs remixes into your Soulwax set.

There has been some cross pollination over the years, a splash here, a splash there. Nite versions is the probably the best example of where our two main incarnations collide although our fans know that whoever we are its always us.

MCBN: What equipment do you use during your 2ManyDJs gig considering that the Soulwax act consists of bassist and a drummer? Is your 2ManyDJs a full electronic live set?

There is a quite funny comedy sketch that someone has just done called 2manybuttons ( which makes a joke of all the dj equipment that people have on stage. We like to have as much as possible because it looks really impressive, especially the machine that goes ping, that’s our favourite. For the record, Soulwax doesn’t just consist of a bassist and a drummer, we have keyboards & guitars too, just like a real band.

MCBN: What is your favourite place/festival/club to play at across the world?

Anything in south africa (even though we haven’t been in 15 years)

MCBN: Can you let us know what we can expect from your set when you arrive in Cape Town and JHB for the Sonar spectacle at the end of the year? To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Well, the machine that goes ping is going to feature heavily. Apart from that we don’t want to spoil the surprise, 2manybuttons might make a guest appearance too but we’ve said too much already…

MCBN: If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

We tend not to dine with dead people, they dont smell so good. They would definitely have to be alive. I think we would have to go with Joe Dolce and not worry about the other two. We have so much to say to Joe we wouldn’t want anyone else to get in the way.

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