Interstellar explained in Infographic (SPOILER ALERT)


Interstellar is the latest offering by Christopher Nolan and has left many people split over whether the movie is actually one of the best they’ve ever seen or whether it’s 3 hours of randomness that doesn’t make any sense. All that I’m 100% sure of, is the fact that the movie is incredibly difficult to understand and unpack fully – at least it was for me.

Someone has put together an infographic that is aimed at explaining all of the nuances of the movie, making it slightly more digestible for a normal human being like me. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it probably isn’t a good idea to open the infographic below because it’s filled with spoilers (you might want to watch the movie to see if you can work it out first).

Once again… SPOILER ALERT below!

Interstellar Explained infographic

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