Instagram to hide the number of likes on a post in new test run across 7 countries

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash


Instagram announced that it will be running a test that hides the number of likes and video views a post gets. The test will be rolled out across 7 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Italy and Japan.

A spokesperson for Instagram told the press that they were testing out the change because they want their followers to focus on the actual content shared and not how popular it is.

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But “likes” won’t disappear entirely, users will still be able to “heart” a photo and account holders will able to see how many people have liked their posts although it won’t be publicly displayed. It is also understood that the number of likes will still publicly appear on the desktop version of the platform.

Since Instagram announced the rollout of its test, the public’s reaction has been mixed with some users stating that “no one asked for this” while others feel it’s a great change for those struggling with mental health and social media addiction.

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