Instagram may be testing a new feature which hides the number of ‘likes’ on your photos


Cover Image | StockSnap from Pixabay

Instagram could be testing a major change to the platform, one where the number of likes a post receives is hidden from the public and only revealed to the account holder.

The unreleased feature was discovered and then leaked on Twitter by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. Jane posted screenshots to prove her find on Twitter. While an Instagram spokesperson has denied any such feature is currently being tested, it is worth noting that Jane Manchun Wong is well-known for finding unreleased features and changes in coding of social apps.

Take a look at her post below. Just recently Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey himself expressed regret over the ‘like count’ feature on Twitter during TED 2019 this week saying, he wouldn’t even have a like count in the first place if he could go back in time.

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