Instagram Is Shutting Down Fake Influencers and So Can You With This Audit Tool


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Fake influencers and bot followers are becoming a major problem for social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well for PR and marketing agencies alike. With just about every “Tom Dick and Sally” wanting to be an influencer nowadays, you can bet people out there are ‘cutting corners’ and buying fake followings to get ahead of the competition.

But Instagram is planning to put a stop to all that and is about to take public action to prevent the use of fake followers. Inauthentic follows and engagement, which violates Insta’s essential policies, will soon be removed by the company in a bid to boot illegitimate accounts who fraud large amounts of money out of unsuspecting marketers and agencies.

“Influencers” or simply anyone who is found using spam sites or paid apps like Archie and Boostio will receive a warning prompting them to change their password and stop any underhand tactics used to gain extra popularity on the site. Those who do not comply with their new pushback will experience an overall Instagram  “impact” which will greatly limit the use of vital features.

But it’s not just influencers, celebrities have also been discovered using the “social-media black market”, which in turn helps them charge premium rates for branded content.

With the use of this latest IG audit tool, we give you an example of a shady celebrity profile. You can make use of the IG Audit tool for free right here and ensure you’re only following/paying an original.

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