Instagram Has Just Released a New Feature – Here’s All You Need to Know.

Video calling is all the buzz lately and Instagram is jumping on the trend. The photo-book-style platform follows in Snapchat’s lead, which released its own video calling feature in April. Instagram video chat will also feature group chats as do many other platforms including competitor Snapchat and sister company Facebook.

So what’s Instagram’s unique selling point? Well, not only can you group chat (up to 4 users) but you can also simultaneously continue scrolling your feed with a minimizing option. The feature works on both IOS and Android directly from your pre-installed app and should be available to use right now.

It doesn’t seem the Facebook empire has any plans to overtake video-chat platforms but instead created the feature as means to keep up with trends as people increasingly divert from expensive billed calls to data-supported means of communication. Facebook has also announced that another of its many acquisitions, Whatsapp, will also be getting group calling later this year.

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