Instagram feeds of Disney Princesses


In what is probably my least manly post of the week, I wanted you to get some insight into what the Instagram feeds of Disney Princesses would be like if they actually lived alongside the rest of us in the real world today. Would they be all like –

“At the beach with my talking badger #KickingIt #Nofilter #Goodtimes”?

Well there’s one Instagram account put together and curated by B for Bel that includes some photos that could very well be straight from the fictional princesses themselves. If you’re at all familiar with the stories behind Jasmine from Aladdin, Ariel from the Little Mermaid or even Pocahontas from… um Pocahantas you’ll appreciate the creativity behind the project – or instead hate this post more than a stale cheeseburger after a 16 day tik-fuelled comedown.

disney-princess-instagram 6




disney-princess-instagram 1


disney-princess-instagram 2


disney-princess-instagram 3


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