Take a look inside SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic’s reusable passenger rocketship


Last week Virgin Galactic unveiled its flight cabin design for SpaceShipTwo – the company’s reusable winged spaceship meant to take wealthy passengers on the literal ride of their lives.

Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShipTwo is designed to fit six passengers and to catapult them into outer space, where they’ll experience a couple of minutes of weightlessness before being glided back down to earth.

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The company unveiled the high-tech cabin through an immersive virtual-reality experience in which viewers can explore SpaceShipTwo’s final interior design, including self-reclining seats, port-hole windows, electronic flight path displays, and more.

Virgin Galactic has yet to confirm an official date for ‘take-off’ but according to reports, the company has nearly completed a long list of federal requirements to earn a suborbital launch license. Tickets will reportedly sell between R3.3 million to R4.1 million, with 600 already sold.

Take a look inside SpaceShipTwo below and read more on the latest entertainment and travel news, right here.

Video / Images: dezeen

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