Infecting the City Festival 2011

Monday market the start of Cape Town’s fourth annual, Infecting the City Spier public arts festival.

What makes Infecting the City different is the fact that it is the only public arts festival in Africa that takes the unique approach of taking art out of high-brow institutions and galleries and thrusting it into the streets where it can be seen and enjoyed by everyone.

This year’s focus is swayed towards an appreciation of South Africa’s heritage, a building National pride through something that ISNT sport, expressed through the theme of “Treasure”. 

The Cape Town station forecourt will serve as the festival hub where numerous exhibitions and performance art will take place throughout the remainder of the week. In addition to a programme consisting of various art happenings, a more mobile show will travel through the city.

 As a unique addition this year the festival has included performance art referred to as ‘jewels’. The ‘jewels’ are described as a collection of performances that will showcase the rich variety of Cape Town society and will include shows as diverse as Ethiopian tea ceremonies to B-Boying to Xhosa stick-fighting. They can pop up in specially designed ‘jewellery boxes’ anywhere throughout to Mother City’s streets, treating all those who pass with seven-minute snippets of cultural display.

Some big names out of the over 300 artists participating in Infecting the City include: Johannesburg based, Anthea Moys, Catherine Hengan as well as Jethro Louw and the Mafuta Ink-Intervention artists, an urban art collective consisting of Nolan Dennis and Lisolomzi Pikoli.


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