Incredible shots of the luminescent waves in Fish Hoek this week

Kyle Goetsch | Cape Town

On Saturday evening, locals around the coastline of Koggelbaai and Fish Hoek were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a beautiful display when the waves along the shoreline lit up with luminescent blue.

The stunning phenomenon is known as bioluminescence. It is the unique natural occurrence where a living organism biochemically emits light. The most common example of this phenomenon is fireflies but what locals got to witness over the weekend was a type of plankton called bioluminescent dinoflagellates. These tiny organisms cause the surface of the ocean to glow a bright blue at night.

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Popular Cape Town photographer Kyle Goetsch aka Kyleincpt was lucky enough to get a few shots, “it felt like I was in an Avatar movie,” his Instagram reads. Take a look below and read more on the latest local news right here.

Kyle Goetsch | Cape Town
Kyle Goetsch | Cape Town
Kyle Goetsch | Cape Town

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