Incredible Photos of Hurricane Florence from Outer Space as She Strikes Today.


Hurricane Florence is being called a once-in-a-lifetime storm, threatening to cause historic flooding, catastrophic winds and idle for days over the Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic. The category 3 storm which is set to make landfall later today is currently larger than both South and North Carolina combined.

While reports have been coming in that Florence has weakened, officials and experts say its will still bring with it life-threatening storm surges and rainfall today. Major state evacuations have taken place and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter -who covered Katrina- and natural disaster expert Mark Schleifstein, has advised those who have stayed behind to keep an axe in their attic (to bust out of their roofs to escape rising water levels) and to use a permanent marker to write their social security number on their arm so that their bodies may swiftly be identified.


With all the reported horror around today’s approaching hurricane, it feels strange to admire the images sent from space by Alexander Gerst and Ricky Arnold – NASA astronaut’s living aboard the ISS. View the incredible content below and for more information and to track Florence visit Twitter and view Google updates right here.

“Watch out, America! This is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you.” – Alexander Gerst upon the ISS.

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