Incognito Round 2: Counter Culture Album Launch

Incognito Round 2

Round 2: Fight 🙂

The Incognito crew are back for round 2 and they are bringing a great lineup along with the Counter Culture album launch on Wednesday the 29th of June.

The Lineup:

21:00-22:00 – Loophole
22:00 – 23:30 – DAN SCOT
23:30 – 01:00 – NINJA JACK
01:00 – 02:30 – Counter Culture
02:30 – CLOSE – Hoax

About Counter Culture:

Counter Culture is the Due LIVE ACT by Dwayne Lucas and Lieben Badenhorst.

Counter Culture was born year 2015 when Dwayne Lucas also known by his LIVE ACT Hoax came together with Lieben Badenhorst to form the powerful Counter Culture.
Counter Culture has numerous single releases on V/A such as Witch Craft Featuring tracks by world class artists Lock Locker, Outer Signal. Alienn, Bio genesis and more.

Counter Culture Recently Releases a monster 12 track debut album on American Records label Mechanik Records which was a great success and are currently working on they 2nd 10 Album.

Counter Culture has a reputation for pushing out quality tracks at a really good pace and for delivering they unique bounce uplifting but aggressive style.

Counter Culture has played along side some of the best local and international artists around the world such as, Skazi, Pixel, Azax Syndrome, Bliss, Upgrade, Space Buddha, U-Recken, Biogenesis, Orca, Infected Mushroom, Hiyarant, Shift, Deleriant, Hiyamyzo, Frozen Ghost, Disco Volante, Iliuchina and many more.

Counter Culture’s music is based on a very unique sound and technique they have fused both elements from both Sub Genres, Progressive and Twilight and have created and defined they unique style which is present as Counter Culture.

The Counter Culture sound is characterized by HUGE tight Kick and Bass with a little pinch of Sub, mixed up with some really melodic uplifting leads and chimes, dynamic rhythms and filthy psychedelic FX and Drops.

R40 before 10:30pm
R50 After!

Drink specials :
R15 Bubble gum tequila and Caramel Vodka.
R45 Double brandy and coke &
R45 Double vodka lemonade.



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