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Name: Adam Spence

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At the foot of evolution and change, we find the pinnacle of imagination. Polar Inc as an entity is something which finds itself sitting pretty between old-school mannerisms and New-Age sound profiles. An unorthodox palate you say? But it’s appealing to the ear and even more tantalizing to the auditory journey. The man behind the music is a maverick and he has so much to offer… Keep an eye on Polar Inc! Trust Us!


1) Polar Inc, where’d the name originate from?

Adam: I used to actually play quite a lot of shows under Polar Inc. a couple of years ago so the concept has always been there and plays on the fact of having music that is based on blending Polar opposite sounds, Happy and Sad, Driving and Melodic etc. Making these Polar opposite elements work together (that’s where the Inc. comes in) this kind of challenged me to pull this sound together, as I really believe in pushing different emotions through music.

2) How does it deviate from Venture?

Adam: Well, Venture is a duo with Durban based producer James Macpherson and we’re focused on Techno with a Brazilian aspect to it, trying to see what next strange thing we can do within a Techno-ish realm. Polar Inc. is generally vocally house music playing with various different elements to get a strong organic sound, I really am into my soundtrack based music so that is always in the back of my mind when I approach a new song.

3) 3 words to describe Polar Inc

Adam: Melodic, Meaningful and Driving

4) What’s the aim with Polar Inc, where do you see it going this year?

Adam: Well, the year kicked off with my first vocal release under the alias, ‘Cinematic Summer’ featuring the super talented Bella Maria and that’s been well received being used as the Intro track on Rage Festival South Africa’s 2018 aftermovie and getting some airplay on KFM and a few other stations. I want to see how far my productions can go and really get releasing, I’ve been sitting on about 3 years of personal projects that I can now refine and release.

5) What can we expect from Polar Inc in the next few weeks?

Adam: There’s quite a lot going on at the moment, which is always exciting. This Saturday I play Corona Sunsets Festival at Bungalow and Oval Field in Clifton and then come 17th of April my new 3 track EP drops on Beatport through Ambious records and then on all platforms on the 30th of April. Then I also look to drop a new remix independently and one or two new vocal tracks as well as playing a few different shows around Cape Town. It’s looking up, just need to keep my head in the production.



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