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Name: Nicole Weitsz

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Underground as it may seem, she has been at the forefront of innovation in music and has taken a mantle alongside many greats to spearhead female empowerment in music. Nicole has been a household name for her edgy and inspired journies and has paid her dues to earn her the status of one of the greats. With one of her last gigs before leaving being Blue Room, we hope that upon her return, she has even more musical storytelling for us.


1) Nicole Wietsz in 3 words 

live, learn, rave

2) Where did it all start? Where did your journey begin? 

I think music features in different ways at different times throughout people’s lives.

My journey started way back as a kid in school, playing instruments and learning the fundamentals.

From there it became an expression, escape, happiness and a statement of who I was.

My gothic roots… going to alternative clubs, lead to me the 90’s rave scene… Sneaking out the house, hiking into town to go to The Playground and Deviate… catching the first train to get home (and the big sneaky climb back in through my window…).

The freedom, hedonism and rebellion of it all, back then, was intoxicating and inspiring.

I started DJ’ing after I had my daughter in 2004. A shift in life brought me to want to express myself through playing music.

It really was never about going out and playing in clubs. This happened, yes, and I am eternally grateful for that first slot at Chukkachurri and the opportunity that followed, to host the first all-female monthly line-ups, my infamous Hauswork nights.

I just wanted to play the music that made people smile. To spark that joy and freedom, in others, that had been a significant part of my own musical journey. My idea of what I thought I would play really changed once I started putting songs together though.

And it has and continues to evolve to this day. What I play IS me It’s big, it’s bold and resonates with who I am.

3) What are the biggest things that have changed in the music industry over the years? 

Accessibility. Every type of music and genre is available to everyone.

“Underground” isn’t something that really exists, mainly because every DJ obviously wants the biggest audience possible.

Marketing and good social networking/media skills… They can get you into the “booth”, however, they shouldn’t be what keeps you there.

Currently, there is also a big drive to balance out the numbers between female and male acts and “representation”, in general.

All in all, I think the politics around dance are at an all-time high, especially when it comes to inclusion of the sexes.

Which is ironic given how the ladies are KILLING IT overseas.

That being said, in the end it is still the music that brings everyone together (or tears them apart).

4) Advice for dreamers and newbies trying to hone their craft in the scene?  

Don’t cut corners. Put in the work. You will be respected by your peers if you can walk the talk.

But… most importantly, work on your own sound. Something that reflects your personality and something that you connect with.

Use whatever format you can get your hands on to learn. If you become a “lifer” then you’ll go on and learn all the other formats too.

As a female in the industry, don’t limit yourself by gender. We are all a number in a game. Be booked because you are the best DJ for the slot, not because you are filling quotas for event promoters.

5) What can we expect in the weeks to come? 

I will be playing my last set in Cape Town on 27th July at my home club Modular for Blueroom! After this, we’ll see… next stop Dubai! So, pull in and have a rave with me, it’s going to be epic and emotional.



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