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Name: Yuzriq Meyer

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We delve deeper looking into the hierarchy of influence to bring you a very special IBAW piece on a living entity who inspires like no other… We chat to Yuzriq Meyer.

The Spoken Word

Hard work really does pay off for the man I like to refer to as “The Aura of Cape Town Culture” who has become the icon and beacon of guidance for young and old alike. Growing up in the hustle of his community, his understanding of what is true to him has led him to command the ground he steps on and with that allowed him to focus his time in what is closest to his heart… Upliftment of society. A public figure who could be seen as a catalyst for promoting rationality in the youth, his unorthodox appeal sings to a nation who crave for a voice and can use his journey as both a man and a professional as a guide for one of the biggest pursuits we strive to achieve… Happiness. If you strip away all that you see, you get a person who hasn’t been given anything he hasn’t worked for and a humble individual with a heart of gold. The man, the mogul, our first of many faces of SA… This is Yuzriq Meyer… The person with a distinct character & voice on radio & video who is here for the people in everything he does.

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself In Three Words

Yuzriq: Crazy… Observant… Passionate.

2) Someone who’ve always dreamt of working with?

Yuzriq: Nas Daily × Casey Neistat for vlogs on an international level.

3) People to look out for who are killing it in any field currently

Yuzriq: There are really so many I could give a huge list of people who I think are killing it locally or Internationally. Overall I’m just happy that Capetonians are finally getting the recognition for all their hard work. Our mense been working their P off! And finally the rest of Africa & The World are able to see the magic happening here. There’s nobody in specific else I would feel bad for missing the other 1000s putting in the work daily. But I will say the whole CITY is pushing and there is alot still go come out of Cape Town. It’s an exciting time to be a creative in SA.

4) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?

Yuzriq: Be passionate, love your craft and have a genuine want and dire inside you to change the way things are and show the world something new while remaining true to who you are. There are no right ways or wrong ways, just yours and someone that has tried before you. Be unapologetic in your pursuit for greatness and don’t ever worry what the next man has to say if you have faith in yourself keep pushing and make your visions a reality. A cheesey line would be saying : We’re all destined to be great.” I just feel like we actually need to wake up and move our asses and go get what we want and not ask permission to be great to to excel. And most importantly ” DON’T DO IT FOR THE HYPE, DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT.” People looking for fame and to be overnight celebs don’t last.

5) What do you have going on currently? What can we look forward to?

Yuzriq: Currently I am breakfast radio presenter, digital entrepreneur event MC, content creator, video director and writer, vlogger, and promoter and i don’t plan on stopping at any. I don’t like exposing too much of what’s still too come because I believe the element of surprise works better than anticipated moves. All I can say is is Hope Cape Town is ready, I hope South Africa is ready. But the world will know our story.

The Visual

The Audio-Visual

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