In Black & White Artist Exclusive – TERRAKONG

We chat to the minds being SPICE: Kaelem and Keanan (TerraKong)

Name: Kaelem Fakier & Keanan Fourie

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The Spoken Word

The ideal aim behind an orthodox collaboration to bring your some very unorthodox results. Terrasoul & KONG (aka TerraKong) are a match made in DJ Heaven and with their combined efforts brings you SPICE @ Tau. In a time where every faction of music has been saturated by breakthrough artists and individuals trying to make an extra buck, the joining of these two forces is meant to bring you just a little bit more. Weird & Obscure is the words used and rightfully so, but not how you tend to understand it. The amalgamation known as TerraKong signifies freedom and pushing the envelope and you will get a bird’s eye view of it a SPICE this weekend!

The Scoop

1) Spice? We would love some insight into the origination of the name and the idea behind the brand.

Keanan & Kaelem: Spice is a commodity that has brought cultures together. All around the world, different spices from different origins can be found—proving that, minus cultural differences, spice is one of the ways that we are influenced by people across the globe on a daily basis. The SPICE brings us together.

2) What Can We Expect From TerraKong and the Spice Movement You Plan To Bring Across

Keanan & Kaelem: We’re both influenced by the dance music superpowers of the world; Detroit, Chicago, London, and Berlin, and we have been since the beginning of our appreciation for dance music. But in the last few years, many Eastern-influenced sounds have become prominent in electronic music, and this inception has spurred immense inspiration in both of us. We want to create an environment where different kinds of music can be appreciated—with a World music ideology—but with us always paying homage to our dance music origins.

3) With The Current Rate of Event Saturation on all fronts, what will set the standard. In terms of differentiation?

Keanan & Kaelem: It’s easy to say “the music will make us different”, but it’s not just about that for us. We’ve always dreamed of the ideal environment to experience weird and obscure, but relevant music—so we can bring our deepest influences to the forefront.

4) Any surprises we can expect from this venture?

Keanan & Kaelem: We’ve got a Sunday vibe happening for Kaelem’s birthday on the 28th of October at a beautiful venue called Home Town in Woodstock- really excited for that! Same Spice vibes, but in a chilled day-time environment. It’s gonna be epic!

Keanan & Kaelem: You can expect different vibe, with exotic music and food that will accompany it (more on that later).

5) Could this give us a chance to get to see a few more exclusive TerraKong sets and maybe even a bit of production?

Keanan & Kaelem: You will just have to wait and see 😉

The Visual

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The Audible

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