In Black & White Exclusive – TECLA CIOLFI

We chat Journey, Grind and All Things Texx

NAME: Tecla Ciolfi
SLOGAN/MANTRA: Don’t koppel feelings.


Pristine, Thorough and “Oh So” On the Pulse… Tecla has personified blog-culture with over 15 years of experience within the music industry. The head-honcho over at TEXX AND THE CITY and its offspring TEXX TALKS has taken steps and set the blue-print for future youth to feed off. Creative synthesis in its purest form and never shy to the challenge, her work speaks for itself. We took a bit of time to peek behind the curtains and put a “voice” to the “voice”.


1) Describe yourself in 3 words?

Tecla: Jol a minute. 

2) Tell us about what you do. In essence, how would you describe all things “Texx” and it’s various avenues? 

Tecla: I started out writing about South African music and musicians, and over the last 15 years I’ve built a brand that offers several media services within the music industry and is anchored by my entertainment website, Texx and the City. 

Tecla: Those services range from streaming consultancy, to artist management, to PR campaigns to event management – there’s basically nothing that I won’t get involved in if I believe in a project and I am passionate about its direction and the people driving it. 

Tecla: I’ve also recently stepped into the world of podcasting with my #1 music interview podcast, Texx Talks, that talks a look behind the curtain at what makes musicians tick. 

3) Talk to us about your journey: How did you end up in this? What steps did you take to get there? 

Tecla: I studied English and Media at UCT, but my real in into the industry was working as a bartender at a live music venue in Long Street in Cape Town called Zula Sound Bar. I worked there for 4 years and the connections that I made and the people I met I still do business with today. 

Tecla: It was a great way to be introduced to the industry, sink-or-swim style, being dropped into a hotbed of entertainment and jol like that. Luckily I had a good support system and structure in my family so I didn’t fall into any bad habits like a lot of people who rose up alongside me did. 

Tecla: My degree from UCT helped me refine the skill set I already had and allowed me to fuse it with my love for music. From there I just worked tirelessly and patiently, building my brand, but in all honesty back then I didn’t even know what I was doing because everything happened super organically, Instagram wasn’t even a thing yet. There was no blueprint or masterplan. Now it’s harder to start something up because you have to compete with 1001 people to cut through the noise.  

4) What message do you feel you are most passionate about bringing to the forefront?

Tecla: That the underground and independent music scene in South Africa is alive and well and thriving. That’s been the mantra of TATC since Day 1. 

5) The best piece of advice you can give to those who want to be inspired and are just so new to the industry?

Tecla: Everything takes time and there is no such thing as an overnight success. You don’t see the hard work behind those 15 years of blood, sweat and beers, you just see the curated Instagram feed and you think that looks dope. If you think it looks easy you are very, very sorely mistaken. 

Tecla: I’ve worked for free, I’ve worked until all hours of the morning, I’ve neglected self-care, I’ve sacrificed precious family time and I’ve moved cities and put myself in less-than-satisfactory positions, all in the name of growing my business. It might sound like a lot but I always knew I never wanted to work for a boss, so when you’re blazing your own trail, you’re also writing your own rule book, so in essence, there is no right or wrong, so long as you’re not breaking the law obviously.



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