In Black & White Exclusive – MINI MOMMY CHEF

We talk creativity and inspiration with Shannon from MMC

NAME: Shannon Smith
SLOGAN/MANTRA: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food


We crave to find passion in all avenues of every industry and “In Black & White” prides itself on making sure we never let those who inspire us go unnoticed. From DJs to Photographers, Painters to Singers, we are chuffed to welcome our first, but definitely not last, chef to the roster. The “Mini Mommy Chef” has left a lasting impression on us. The food stands tall but the motivation and character of the individual behind the brand rises way above it all. A word to never stop doing what you love, the vibrancy and ethnically influenced cuisine illustrates determination in its purest form and we urge you, to try it. You won’t go wrong.


1) Three words to describe yourself

Shannon: Passionate, creative, courageous.

2) Tell us about your journey. How’d you get into it?

Shannon: I am a self-taught chef, my passion pits include expressing myself creatively through the dishes I create that incorporate and are inspired by my multi-cultural background and my love for how food brings people together. I believe this passion was sparked by a very curious pallet and eagerness to develop recipes that resonate with me and my brand. We live in a country that is rich with many different cultures and I love tapping into the multitude of flavors and styles that every culture has to offer. Cooking is my creative outlet, from the first step of looking at new local products to creating a recipe that incorporates it, to choosing how to style food, to shooting my own content, the opportunities to express my creativity are endless. From flavors to colors, to textures and layers, cooking has always allowed me a blank canvas to create my own art. It tells my story.

3) The name has a lovely ring to it. Where did it originate from?

Shannon: Basically, I wanted to start a food page. I thought about what describes me and the style of food I wanted to make and share. Mini Mommy Chef, meaning a young mother on her pathway to becoming a chef.

4) Muses, Inspirations, Motivators. Who do you look up to? Who’d you love to work with within your industry?

Shannon: Gordon Ramsay! He too never attended culinary school, had a rough upbringing, but is one of the most successful chefs in the world. Whenever I am in doubt in the kitchen I ask myself What would Gordon do. 

5) Words of advice for anyone getting into work of any kind. Words for the dreamers, thinkers and innovators.

Shannon: Be bold, brave, and courageous. Take risks, think outside the box and never stop learning and developing yourself daily. Set goals and don’t stop till you achieve them. 


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