In Black & White Exclusive – MARC BERMAN

Name: Marc Shane Berman

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The Spoken Word

The moment in its truest essence shot with finesse and with no obligation to anything but what is right in front of him. A hugely giving individual in terms of the person he is, Marc Berman is one of those all-around nice guys and in the thick of the industry… an all-around maestro of the shutter art. Pictures do tell a story and Marc has a way on encompassing the raw emotion in everything he shoots regardless of it being people, nature or even moments at festivals. Having developed his craft by searching for his style as if he was a painter wielding his paintbrush, Marc has this unexplained uniqueness to everything he puts out. Its really hard to explain what makes it so different but when you do see it, you know Marc shot it & this quality has given him international acclaim among artists coming into South Africa both on a personal and professional level. We look out for what he puts out and you should too… Because you never know what to expect with Marc sometimes.

The Scoop

1) Describe yourself in 3 words

Marc: Pretty Weird Human. 

2) Most Memorable shot to date

Marc: This is a difficult question to answer as I have so many, how ever my 2 favorite at the top of my header. 2 images very different to my normal fashion / Event shoots. 1) I went on a month Road trip around Botswana, Managed to capture a image of an elephant on the water side of Chobe river. ( photo attached, it is the only photo I have ever printed) 2) A Image captured from Africa Burn 2014 of a sculpture R2D2 that was projecting onto a art piece , was shot on a very slow shutter ( hand held ) while everyone was moving around 1 person stood still and the sculpture is dead still as well with the lights bouncing off the dust , difficult to explain but it just looks awesome. ( image attached ). I also had an incredible experience getting to shoot weddings up in Germany and Bali, Both absolutely incredible times and incredible images captured.

3) Artists of any kind to look out for 

Marc: Wow there are so many incredible photographers, ill keep it local, I am massive fan of many photographers and the way people can express themselves, Massive fan of the following, Preyen Moodley ( Female , fashion photographer , loop photo) Gareth Barclay ( fashion photographer), Chad Nathan ( travel photographer ) , Justin Sullivan ( Photojournalist / event photographer ) , Cass Collet ( fashion Photographer ), Adrian Ivan ( fashion / Bikini ), These are just to name a couple local guys , there are so many more incredible photographers, I could honestly list sooo many more.

4) Advice for the dreamers, Trendsetters and Up n covers out there

Marc: Best advice I can give is to just never give up. Life is not going to be easy, If you expect success to just land at your feet you will be horribly mistaken, it takes long hours, Hard work, and constant hustle. You will feel like giving up many many times, and people will tell you that you won’t make it, you will feel as if you have failed but don’t give up, Use the failures to teach you what to do for the next time. Don’t be afraid to fall and make mistakes, In the end of the day its lesson and you will learn… 

Marc: Next advice is don’t be afraid to express yourself and be different. Don’t feel like you have to do everything because everyone else is. The best artists in the world over time did things differently. To be a creative you need to actually create, you will need to express yourself. At all times just be YOU!!.

5) What to expect next from me

Marc: I’ve sat with this now for about 25 minutes not knowing how to answer this… Well with my next photography trip to Israel In June I am hoping it will open doors for more photography jobs abroad, Been a dream to go shoot in New York ( hints at anyone reading this ) , But who knows I like to keep things different at all times, it keeps things exciting and I love new challenges. I have a couple magazines I will be shooting with throughout the year, how ever can’t mention names for obvious reasons?, but that’s quite exciting for me. 

The Visual

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