In Black & White Exclusive – CLOSURE

Name: Aaron Polikoff

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Website: Here

The Spoken Word

Polaroid in person is the way we explain Aaron, with a very timid character but shines with a statement through his work. Closure has become a mainstay brand among most events both indoors and outdoors and Aaron holds a candle to uniqueness which radiates through every picture. A man who strives to capture a persons essence as a moment which highlights that which the eye doesn’t always get in that brief, yet crucial second… the human form in all its glory. Famed by artists for the quality he puts out and adored by patrons, Aaron is one of the fastest growing names in the photography industry and in due time will bring us even more memories to share and cherish.

The Scoop

1) Three words to describe yourself

Aaron: Hard Working, Friendly, Passionate … is hard working 2 words haha.

2) Your biggest inspiration

I guess my biggest inspiration is the person I want to be in the future. I have a lot of goals for the future and that inspires me to work harder.

3) Dream scenario, setting, place to shoot

My Dream scenario is working from big festival to big festival around the world. I would love to set an extremely high standard of photography around the world.

4) The one person you have shot who has stood out the most and one person you’d love to shoot

My all time favorite person to take photos of is Black Coffee. I absolutely love taking photos of him and it seems like every photo I have taken of him just looks absolutely amazing. I have taken his cover photo on Facebook and profile picture on Instagram multiple times. At the moment there is nobody in particular but when there is somebody or something you will literally just see me running with a smile on my face to capture it.

5) Advice for dreamers, up n’ comers and people in any field trying to break into their platform

When I started out. I literally took my camera everywhere. I took photo of everything. Which helped me learn and grow as a photographer. My advice is to keep practicing and to keep following your passion. And the most important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities.

The Visual

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