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Cape Town leading psytrance producer - Deliriant


Name: Shane Renew

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The old-faithful, midnight machine! An inspiration to us all. For those who have been following Deliriant since his inception will understand the complex journey which has transpired. We trust him to do what he does best and in-turn he has given us, the dancers, much more than we could have ever anticipated. He is known as the “King” for a reason and with good reason!


1) Deliriant in 3 words

Chilled. Inspired. Always hungry.

2) Music? How do you balance life and passion today?

I have a ‘9 to 5’ doing sound design and music for TV/radio, so it keeps me in the space I want to be. I’m fortunate because I can use the company’s high-end studio for my own productions. Plus my wife, family and friends are extremely supportive of my goals.

3) Biggest motivation as an artist?

Getting out there to festivals even if I’m not playing, listening to what people are playing/producing, absorbing everything you can from the experience, and translating those experiences into your own soundscape once back in studio.

4) Advice for the up n comers and dreamers out there?

Take your favorite track from a well-known artist, and reference reference reference. Keep it psychedelic. When you’ve got something close, find your dream label / festival and send them music until they take notice. Networking at festivals and online doesn’t hurt too.

5) What’s new? And what can we expect in the weeks to come?

I’ve just been signed to a new label in Germany called Solar Tech Records. I have some great remixes, collabs and solo tracks on the way. Also some great bookings coming up as well as a Europe tour in June. See you on the floor!



Cape Town leading psytrance producer – Deliriant
Cape Town leading psytrance producer – Deliriant provides us with his European 2019 dates
Cape Town leading psytrance producer – Deliriant
Cape Town leading psytrance producer – Deliriant

We had to drop this image as it could be the best Deliriant flier we’ve ever seen – wouldn’t you agree?

Deliriant slash Iron Man

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