In Black & White Artist Feature – AUDIOJERK

Makonwabe Bekwa is audiojerk, one half of the Techno duo STAB Virus and a leading name in the Cape Town techno scene


Name: Makonwabe Bekwa

Facebook: here
Twitter: here
Instagram: here
Soundcloud: here


Energy… Edginess… And More Energy. We trust that you have heard the name but for those of you that haven’t he is commonly known by most as “Mako” (Makonwabe Bekwa), affectionately known as Audiojerk by his peers and industry friends. He is what fluid would be described as in techno. A timeless classic in his own right, we expect only the best. His specialty seen when he digs deep into this record collection to find music pure gold. He’s known to prefer longer sets, the more time to tell a story, so if you ever get a chance to see a 2-hour or longer set, make sure you stay- cause things really heat up nicely as things progress.


1) Audiojerk in three words:

Mako: Good kid & Mad!

2) Where does Audiojerk originate from?

Mako: I was born and bred in Langa, a small township in Cape Town.

3) You and Siphe (STAB Virus) are an inspiration to all those striving for greatness. Any advice to those pursuing their dreams?

Mako: I’d say one should never ever doubt their selves, and they should always believe in their craft. They should never be afraid of failure, and they should always break the rules!

4) Artists to look out for this season?

Mako: Definitely Sytec and Brad Spence

5) What can we expect from AudioJerk in the weeks to come?

Mako: Weeks – More shows, and more mixes. Months – Hopefully I will release my EP as soon as it’s ready. I’m working on a very big show with Siphe that will be in a few months.




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