In Black & White Artist Preview – YOUNGSTAcpt

Name: Riyadh Roberts

What seemed like harmless banter to some patrons, has left a bit of sourness in the mouth of others as
SA rap chief officer of operations had to deal with a sharp distastefulness earlier this month at Rocking
The Daisies. Someone who, in our opinion, is a stone throw away from owning his piece of the genre
globally stood for what he held true and with that commanded the respect he deserved. A mogul… An
artist… A stick to your ribs kind of realism. This is GONZO with “IN BLACK & WHITE” featuring
YOUNGSTA CPT and the man behind the hustle for the hood.

I wish there was more to share about the controversy that took place at Rocking The Daises and I feel
the tabloids pushed the proportionality of the incident but I feel that this can all be summed up to a
simple yet effective turn of passage: “A man who tirelessly brings his hood to the limelight of society…
lost it to a blow but never lost his flow… because the soil he steps on which he calls home… lost the love
of a nations hero. I say this with much relief as the “Y-Gen” frontman heads off to Australia in just under
a month’s time for the cheekily named “International N****r Australia Tour”… AND then a return home
for a birthday celebration on the 23rd of December. Keep your eyes peeled to his page… There is surely
more to come.




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