In Black & White Artist Feature – VENTURE

Name: Adam Spence & James McPherson

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The almighty amalgamation of Adam & James has given us the prevalence of one of the prospects of the year passed and with an expectation of more to come, Venture will be the name on everyone’s lips. A very Brazilian influenced sound has gained the notoriety and recognition from label heavyweights such as War Beats & Up Club. The two have their hands on all the right buttons heading the techno side of my conveniently named #NewAgeArtistMovement alongside the likes of SecondNature, Mogey & FrenZy. Their exploits are the stuff of dreams and they felt sharing this kaleidoscope view of music through a label night would be the best way to showcase where their passion runs deepest. They are currently on their second episode to be held at the legendary Fiction hosting Brazilian international Thayana Valle at the appropriately named Venture Creations (LINK HERE). We urge you all to check out what they have in store… 2018 is gonna be massive for Adam & James.


1) Describe Yourself In Three Words
Adam & James: “Everything & Techno”

2) Dream Festival?
Adam & James: ADE & Awakenings

3) Your Fave Release Of All Time?
Adam: Iris – Audien
James: Alter Bridge – Black Bird

4) Artist To Watch Out For?
Adam & James: FrenzY (Dale Haricombe) – We recently did a collab with him off Alok’s Label UPclub, this guys gonna have a good 2018, expect an emergence – specifically in the prog/minimal scene. His unreleased stuff is heat.

Adam & James: Jono Stephenson – Jono’s been pushing the melodic techno scene nicely lately and has a good ear for the sound, his ideas are power and really strives to connect with the listener on a more emotional level.

Adam & James: Boët (Cole Bisset) If his name doesn’t peak your curiosity his set curation will, Cole manages to bring this world of house music into one set, its like he blends tech house with Garage and then throws this South African flavor all of it. It’s a proper fucking journey.

5) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?
Adam & James: I guess if we’d have any advice (and we definitely still learning) is that many SA DJ’s think if they play a banging set – all will be fine, it won’t. It obviously is super important to play incredible sets, but that’s not gonna get you there, its the world around those sets and how you create an overall experience for your audience that’s gonna get you playing more and more at better events.

Adam & James: The problem in the scene would be that we tend to apply international approaches to our local scene, however our local scene doesn’t necessarily work like international ones (for example people in SA often listen to the Radio whilst many other scenes are more inclined to streaming). So there’s this balance you have to find combining different elements both locally and internationally.

Adam & James: Finally, Production is EVERYTHING! Produce music so you can become a DJ, don’t DJ so you are expected to produce. Creatively build an entire world of sound around your brand, don’t let someone else’s music define you otherwise you just end up getting lost in the noise. People love seeing the guy who made the track actually playing it out, DJ’ing is telling a story, make sure that story is yours.



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