In Black & White Artist Feature – TECH RIDER

Name: Ebrahim Kader

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The Spoken Word

Experience doesn’t have to come from a singular avenue and Tech Rider shows that whatever you dip your fingers in can bring massive benefit in the long run. Humble & Hard-Working, Ebrahim’s Tech Rider alias is something new and fresh from the individual who in the months to come will be telling stories in the best way he knows how… His production! Having made appearances on multiple outdoor stages of the last year, we are excited to see what (as we used to know him: EBI K) brings to the table and in turn lead to the rise of TECH RIDER LIVE.

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself In Three Words

Ebrahim: Passionate,Charismatic, Driven.

2) Your Fave Release Of All Time

Ebrahim: I love all genre’s of music, it would be hard for me to choose as I have a top 10 in almost all genre’s. If I had to zero in on the broad sense of ‘Techno’ only – It would be Mateo! – Ross Island (Original Mix).

3) Artist To Watch Out For?

Ebrahim: Having listened to both of their unreleased tracks recently I would say there are two – James Mac and Jono Stephenson. They have created some of the most beautiful sounds in their tracks.

4) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?

Ebrahim: My honest advice to The Dreamers and Up and Comers would be to put your head down and find your niche. Find your signature (this make take some time) and believe in why you want to succeed. Its all about the journey, so do not rush to be the best, you will be recognized for your talent with the more you work at your art. They say it takes 10 000 hours to master your craft, find time in the day to build your brand and the rest will follow.

5) What do you have going on currently? What can we look forward to

Ebrahim: I am currently in studio working on a 3 Track EP for the new season launch in September. Its going to be a busy season. What you can look forward to TOMORROW is that my latest track will be premiered right here on MCBN. Have a look out. The track is free so listen and download and lets make some noise!

The Visual

The Audible

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