In Black & White Artist Feature – SONIC

Name: Gregg Sonic

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Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

A veteran by no means his own right but by the sheer amount of time, dedication and memories… Sonic is the first of many SA Alums’ who have shown us that all good things come from hard work. With 16 years of experience under his belt, Gregg talks to the masses about a deeper sense of nostalgia from music… Allowing every note to tell its own story and radiate to a memory once experienced. Though seeming like a harder individual to most (presumably stemming from his Metal persona and origins), Gregg has a heart of gold and oozes passion till now. He is back for a little while… Go look for him while he plays… We tried to come up with a simplified way to explain his sets… We couldn’t… You have to see it in person.

The Scoop

1) Three Words To Describe Yourself
Gregg: Fun, Energetic, Optimistic.
2) Fave Release Of All Time?
Gregg: Tristan vs. ManMade – I am Alien as it is current in the production sense and it kicks a$$ on the dance floor.
3) Artist(s) To Watch Out For?
Gregg: Melting Point (Braincell & Earthspace) and anything Nano Records in my opinion. Included is some great artists on Expo Records for the fullon/psy sound as well. Plus the the new VA called Lucidity by Dj Foose from GreenTree Records. I was extremely blown away by Tersius from Our Mind Records which is another great label pushing some amazing psychedelic music.
4) Advice & Tips For Those Trying To Find Their Sound or Break Into The Scene
Gregg: Expect the unexpected, work the dance floor space and give it all you got with positive energy always and you will see your fruits of labor flourish. Remember it takes up to 10 years to master something so keep being creative as there is a lot of amazing music out there to tickle the dance floor for hours. 
5) What Can We Expect From Sonic In The Weeks To Come? What Can We Look Forward To?
Gregg: Reboot with Psyked In The City presents: Moonrise City with Zezia, Silo, Archive and Mad Hatter on the 2nd March 2018 (HERE) & (HERE) – Metronome Launch 12 Hour with JayDeep, Magic, Ahee, Dan Scot, Motion Theory, Can Of Tomato Soup, Siren Vs Culture Shock on the 3rd March 2018. More to be announced by following SoNiC (

The Visual

The Audible

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