In Black & White Artist Feature – SONIC BLOOM

We talk music and self-inspiration with Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom is the newer face of Techno which could be at the forefront in decade to come





Triumphant in idealism of sound and with so much more of a journey to go, Sonic Bloom is the newer face of Techno which could be at the forefront in decade to come. Under the watchful eye of many veterans within the industry and celebrated as something fresh and exciting, his humility as an individual pays homage to sound as a whole and radiates as the key ingredient in his selections.

A curator, artist, creator if you will… We only expect the best from Sonic and we welcome whatever he has to offer. Watch out for this one… He has a lot to offer!


1) Sonic Bloom in 3 words

Sonic: Observant, aspiring & introverted

2) Explain the sound of Sonic Bloom

Sonic: I’m very picky when it comes to music and my sound has drastically evolved over the past months and I have no doubt I’ll continue to progress. The foundation of my sound is very based on thought-provoking melodies sort of ethereal experience as a whole. Yes, my music is for dancing but it’s more than that – the sound allows me to form a connection with my audience but creating different experiences for everyone based on what past memories or emotions it may evoke.

3) Who would you regard as your biggest inspiration as an artist?

Sonic: I’d have to say Tale Of Us. From a sound perspective, they really inspire to push the common boundaries of electronic music and give it a more real and raw feeling to it. Every time I’ve heard one of their sets it’s almost as if it’s taken me on a journey of thought and feelings so it’s truly a remarkable experience and they’re the pioneers leading this new way of music.

4) Advice for new individuals trying to establish their craft and sound?

Sonic: Don’t sell yourselves short! It’s very easy in this scene to get taken advantage of. Work hard, be different from the others and don’t think you’re better than those around you – being humble and kind really opens up more doors. Take the time and to learn and accept that bookings will come to you when you are ready. Never beg for bookings or spam promoters with mixes or play for exposure – these all show signs of being desperate and as an artist, you must organically grow your brand and it’s respect.

5) What can we expect in the weeks to?

Sonic: I have two upcoming shows:
25 May – Reset
01 June – Music People Presents Jan Blomqvist (The Grand)

Sonic: After these two shows, I will be taking a break and spending some time overseas to recuperate, acquire new inspiration and plan the upcoming summer season!





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