In Black & White Artist Feature – SIREN

Name: Nicholas Van Wyk

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

A man who has been completely smashing floors as a DJ and in our opinion needs to be given his due, Siren is a household name and holds a candle to versatility in sound with seamless results. Having given a taste for what he does since the early gathering of Red Telephone his dynamic personality which shines throughout his sets brought him to multiple Vortex stages over the last few years with some very memorable results. Founder of Trancemission, Nick has been curating lineups to give a broad spectrum taste of what psytrance has to offer and in turn has given people a chance to see artists which we don’t normally get a chance to whilst giving the emerging artist a chance to shine. We commend his ideals and what he stands for and we urge you to watch out for him and the work he is doing with Trancemission.

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself In Three Words

Nick: Outgoing, trustworthy & sometimes a little weird!

2) Dream Festival?

Nick: Ozora festival!

3) Your Fave Release Of All Time?

Nick: Tough question. Astrix – was an album that had a massive influence on me.

4) Artist To Watch Out For?

Nick: We have some amazing talent brewing here in SA. Artists that are making a big impact to our scene are; Singularity + Cosmic Apocalypse, Loophole, Priest to name a few.. Then there’s international artist Earthspace that’s become a personal favorite of mine.

5) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?

Nick: Keep working on your goals & passions, but most of all – be patient!

The Visual

The Audible

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