In Black & White Artist Feature – SHADOW CHRONICLES

We close the first 100 IBAW's with the meastro himself: Shadow Chronicles


NAME: Nate Raubenheimer



Talent is raw… but Class is where time is the commanding factor. Nate has graced us with Protoculture which has given us the uplifting side of his imaginative coin, whilst Shadow Chronicles touches on a fresher, more psychedelic experience. A mentor and muse to us, the music speaks volumes more than it may seem on the surface and we raged with anticipation when Nate announced his return to the sound that started it all. The alias edges towards the Day-Time psytrance which SA has come to love and we are pleased to say Sunday’s might never be the same again… because Shadow Chronicles will give us a little bit more to talk about!


1) Shadow Chronicles in 3 words

Nate: Fresh psychedelic full-on

2) Talk us through how Shadow Chronicles came to light.

Nate: Basically I’d taken off from pouching pst trance for almost 8 years now. I felt it was time to delve into that style again for me but as my Protoculture project has evolved into something else now I felt a fresh start with a new project was best. Its essentially what I was doing when I first started out back in 2001 albeit with a slightly darker and more psychedelic twist.

3) How does SC differ from Protoculture? Would you say it is a celebration of the retro Protoculture sound or an entirely separate entity?

Nate: Protoculture has been leaning to the more progressive and melodic side of things as of late. I wanted to be able to dip into the old psychedelic sound that was around in the early 2000’s. Its not specifically retro-protoculture, the new Shadow Chronicles stuff has a bit of a darker edge to it, although I’ve done some Shadow Chronicles remixes of a couple of my old Protoculture tracks recently too.

4) Advice for new individuals trying to establish their craft and sound?

Nate: Hard work really. Talent plays a small part in it but to be successful in the music business requires a degree of obsessive compulsiveness to really craft your sound.

5) What can we expect in the weeks to?

Nate: I’m in the studio currently working on new material. End of May I’m off to Sweden for a show, then stopping off in Brazil with Adam from Headroom for a couple of shows on that side including Solaris Festival near Sao Paulo.



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