In Black & White Artist Feature – RIPCHORD

We chat electronic-elightenment with Ripchord


Name: Robin Jones

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A celebration of person and vision through electronic based, rose-tinted goggles… Ripchord is finds grit in melody and does what he does best… HIM! Taking a step back from the understanding that his production is essentially electro, we get to see an image made out of purposeful rough edges which builds into a very unexpected journey. Trust the process and the story will follow… The new Rouge EP doesn’t shy away from punch and grit. We commend the things to come… Watch out SA, there’s so much more to come!


1) Ripchord in 3 words

Robin: Ambient , Eclectic, Unpredictable

2) How would you describe your sound?

Robin: Ambient Bass music you can dance to or music that makes your life feel really dramatic.

3) Music? What inspires your production?

Robin: Three producers that I could say is a real inspiration to the sound I have is Hans Zimmer, Clams Casino & Skrillex. I know it’s a crazy mix.

Robin: Music always been a creative outlet for me to express myself and that’s why I don’t stick to just making one genre. I make music as I am going and whatever I am feeling in that moment. Sometimes it might be a song/sample that sparks off an idea or just a general feeling I get. I try to honor my creativity, not force it and more importantly just have fun when I am making music.

4) Advice for newbies and up n comers?

Robin: Master your craft, something my brother always told me and that I am constantly trying to do. There’s always ways to improve yourself and even if you learn something as simple as tuning a snare , you’re a better you than you were yesterday by learning something each day.

Robin: Don’t compare yourself to anyone or anyone else’s success, its important to know that you should just make music for you and what makes you happy. Like when you finish a song, don’t think will “they” like it. The more important question is do you like it. Never lose sight of why we all start making music. To have fun.

5) What can we expect from Ripchord in the next few weeks?

Robin: I’ll be releasing a track soon on a UK label, called Shimmy Records, that is founded by music producer El Train. I’m working on a remix for the amazingly talented duo Easy Freak. Other than that I am working on finishing up some new projects and that I’ll be releasing more music real soon.




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