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We chat about Wicked Intentions and the darker side of the moon with New Hero


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NAME: Keaton Carelse & Scott Moore



Taste-makers of non-conformity and edgier than the tip of a newly sharpened chefs knife… The duo of very family vinyl background have grown from strength to strength and have earned “cult classic” status with out of the box renditions and even harder originals. A release which showed the darker side of the music moon, highlighting anxiety and depression has given SA a peek behind the very real curtain of a musicians psyche and to thank the supporters for avidly following, we have a new EP “Wicked Intentions” dropping at the end of May. The realism behind what they are giving us of late has shown us what hard work and determination sounds like. We don’t even need to ask everyone to check them out… We already know you are!


1) New Hero in 3 words

Scottie and Keaton: Passionate, daring, lads… 

2) Established as a genre non-conforming duo, how would you explain the New Hero sound?

Scottie and Keaton: The sound has changed drastically! When we started we thought hey lets get on radio and then we will be able to play what ever we want…… So we started making quite commercial music in the beginning with a view to always play more of a Tech/ Bass House / Techno vibe. We had some commercial success when we first started out but it became clear most radio stations (not all!) are looking for a certain sound and we didn’t really feel we were being true to ourselves… So we said fuck it just make what ever we want. That sound has become a lot darker and higher energy now. However we do sit and write depressing piano ballads as well. We’re very confused to be honest we just do what ever we’re vibing at the time.

3) Music has been a part of you two for ages, tell us how New Hero came to light?

Scottie and Keaton: In short we’ve been friends for years although I think Keaton secretly hates me, I think he is intimated by bald men. We used to play on vinyl back in the day at the same club. I went into the rock and singing scene and he created Grimehouse. We both wanted something new and a new challenge so we decided to combine forces and made a promise that we would only play music live that ourselves created. New Hero was born. 

4) Anything new we can expect in the weeks to come?

Scottie and Keaton: Thought you would never ask! 🙂 Yes, we are dropping our second club EP Wicked Intentions on the 31st of May. We’re really excited about it because we feel it’s us shedding our commercial skin and really embracing a more underground sound. The support and response we have been getting have been amazing and we really appreciate it. We’re dropping the album on UFO recordz. I must give these guys a shout out, It’s run by Darren Bezuidenhout (Ea7y and half of Striptek) based out of Durban. The passion he has shown in the marketing and trying to push this ep to the world is inspiring. If there are any producers looking for a decent label to sign with I urge you to reach out to them. 

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5) A lot of new artists look up to you two for inspiration. Any advise on how to establish yourself within your craft?

Scottie and Keaton: Be true to yourself and understand fortune favors the brave. People aren’t looking for the next act that sounds like another act. They are looking for something original. Remember that your career isn’t made in a singe moment but rather through many moments. Some people blow up from a song or a performance but most do it through perseverance and persistence. Dare to stand out from the crowd. When ever we play gigs we try to inspire young artists to make there own music. You wont be good for a couple of years but keep at it! We’ve made way more shitty songs than good ones. With it being so easy to DJ now we believe it going to be original artist’s who will survive and flourish.  



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