In Black & White Artist Feature – Nataša

We dig a bit deeper with Nataša

NAME: Natasha Stanisavljevic
SLOGAN/MANTRA: Mind over Matter


Out of darkness rises an entity, with a foothold in calculation and finesse. Though the sound may be sweeter than the usual outputs as of late, Nataša has commanded floors regardless of where she plays. She is vibrant yet reserved… Humble yet explosive… And at times, a fresh take on future nostalgia. She’s here to stay and we love every minute of it. We leaped at the opportunity to touch base and this is what we found out.


1) Describe yourself in 3 words?

Natasha:  Methodical, observant and loving 

2) Talk to us about your journey: How did you end up in the music industry? What steps did you take to get there? 

Natasha: I was involved in the entertainment/events industry from the age of 16 as a ticket seller/event promoter, in Matric I started working for Rage Festival hosted by G&G Productions. I started off as a ticket seller for them too, but then moved on to become the regional sales manager throughout the most part of my university years. While studying for my degree and working for G&G Productions, I was lucky enough not only to experience a vast majority of dance floors and events, but also get involved behind the scenes. I completely fell in love with the dance floor, and the energy a DJ can create and manipulate on that floor. I always knew I was going to be involved in the events/entertainment industry from a young age but to be quite honest I had no idea it would be DJing! 

Natasha: The more events I was involved with, the more I fell in love with the industry. So in 2019 I decided to take the leap and learn how to mix, at first I didn’t really think too much, I just wanted to learn, but from the second I got behind a pair of CDJs, the passion just imploded within me. Shortly after finishing my degree, I started interning for Mark Valsecchi at Mixroom Studios and Ryan Murgatroyd for his record label, Swoon Recordings. After 6 months I took up a full time position at Swoon Recordings, managing the label. Since then, honestly everything has fallen into place for me and my music career. 

Natasha: I only ever had 2 mixing lessons before I played my first gig, and from there I was really lucky that the bookings started rolling in because of my connections in the indsutry from a young age. I have been extremely blessed with the way things have happened for me.

3) What message do you feel you are most passionate about bringing to the forefront as an artist?

Natasha: A message I feel strongly about is breaking down the stereotypes of the music industry. Although the industry as a whole is certainly moving forward in a really positive direction, I want to inspire others to follow their passion in music and know that it is okay to be a blonde female that also loves sports haha! It was something I felt so intimidated by when starting out, I felt like I had to fit a certain ‘stereotype’ in order to become a DJ, but that is certainly not true. I think the most important thing is being true to yourself, who you are, and owning that! 

4) Who would you say is your biggest inspiration (in any capacity)?

Natasha: I am lucky enough to draw inspiration from so many people in my life, I believe there is something to learn from everyone. But as cheesy as it sounds, I would have to say those closest to me have inspired me the most. My late Gran, for teaching me to always love and be kind. My Mom, for inspiring me to follow my passion and do what I love. My Dad, for giving me an “all or nothing” approach to life. And my Grandpa, for showing me that there is far more to life than being serious all the time. 

5) The best piece of advice you can give to those who want to be inspired and are just so new to the industry?

Natasha: The best piece of advice I can give is to work hard, attend the events that you want to play at, learn an instrument and never compromise your integrity 🙂 



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