In Black & White Artist Feature – MARK VALSECCHI

We have a chat with all-round mechanic of music: Mark Valsecchi

Name: Mark Valsecchi

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

A veteren in sound and a haven of diversity on the most audible of levels, Mark has been in the trenches for as long as most of us can go back and each time he comes back out of hiding… Its to showcase the magic which has unfolded behind those monitors. A versatile palate with the uncanny ability to really delve into any dancefloor, Mark Valsecchi aka Stereotype (as he was known) has made 2018 his year with a smatter of awe-inspiring bookings in the most unexpected settings. We are amped to see what he has in store for us next as he locks things down with Ryan Murgatroyd very soon. Expect something Fresh!

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself in Three Words

Mark: Tenacious, Extrovert, Loving.

2) Your Fave Release of All Time

Mark: Nightmares on Wax – Carboot Soul “Not techno”.

3) Artist to Watch Out For?

Mark: Metodi Hristov, Pavel Petrov, Hannes Bieger, Stan Kolev.

4) Advice for the Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?

Mark: Learn your trade, no one can do it for you. Don’t under estimate how much work it is to become relevant in the music industry. Learn music theory, don’t only focus on the tech as you will still not be able to make lasting non-disposable music without it.

5) What do you have going on currently? What can we look forward to?

Mark: Currently I’m collaborating with Ryan Murgatroyd on a series of Tech House / Techno records. “Real party shit that’ll make you want to hit the dance-floor”.

Mark: Other than that, season is kicking off with a bang and there are a number of awesome events coming up. One of them I’ll be playing a back to back live DJ set with Murgatroyd to promote our new company

The Visual

The Audible

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