In Black & White Artist Feature – KURT APRIL

We chat "Graceful" with Kurt April


NAME: Kurt April



As underground to touch the commercial aspects of his craft, Kurt April has been nothing but brilliant as of late. With an ear for the unexpected and tends to find a way to sneak in the unorthodox, he is still at the foot of his journey with no such thing as plateau in sight. You can catch him real soon at the Rave Yard!


1) 3 words to describe your alias

Kurt: Versatility, Determination, Humility.


2) How would you describe your sound?

Kurt: I’d say My sound is very groovy and deep, but at the same times it’s something that a neutral audience could enjoy too.


3) Your Biggest Inspiration?

Kurt: Internationally, Martin Garrix! His drive and energy is just unmatched, the content he creates is crazy! He’s a proper inspiration for so many artists out there regardless of the genre!

Kurt: Locally, Definitely Chunda Munki & Das Kapital , the way that they’re both so humble and always willing to help out other artists is super inspiring! Their social media presence is also very interactive, I love it!


4) Advice for newbies and rookies?

Kurt: I’m still a growing artist, but from what I’ve learnt in the industry so far, I can definitely say, always remain humble! Nobody likes working with someone who’s cocky or thinks they’re better than everyone else!

Kurt: NETWORK!!! Networking is probably the most important tool, support the venues and events you want to play at, chat to promoters, get your name in peoples mouths. Social media presence is also very important, if someone doesn’t recognize your name on a lineup, they’d generally go search you up on Instagram or Facebook, create content that sets you apart from the rest, be different, be interactive with your following and your potential following, think outside the box and always let your supporters and potential supporters know what they can expect from you.

Kurt: Support other artists, a single like or comment on another artists post goes a very long way! Be different. 


5) What can we expect in the weeks to come?

Kurt: I’m actually releasing my first single, on all major platforms soon, it’s called ‘Graceful’ this song has so much meaning to me! I generally put my whole heart into writing the lyrics and producing the song! It’s something special, I generally hope that everyone will enjoy this one! I’m super super excited to release it!



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