In Black & White Artist Feature – JOSH MAC

We have a chat with Josh Mac ahead of Organik's next outing

Name: Josh McKinley

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

If anyone told that raw emotion isn’t an audible experience, you haven’t had a chance to listen to Josh Mac. The genes run deep as the mogul Dave Mac shares some of the same characteristics but Josh stands out on his own as an entity and force of pure imagination. Always smiling and sharing an overall good vibe, he is still critical of his surroundings and it leads to a very calculated yet still very interesting result. He is up to his usual shenanigans this week to come and we look forward to hearing what he has to offer come Organik.

The Scoop

1) Three Words To Describe Yourself

Josh: Cool, calm & crazy.

2) What Does Josh Mac As A DJ Signify For You?

Josh: DJing allows me to explore the creative side of myself. Being up on stage provides the ultimate sense of freedom and it allows me  to express my love for music. It truly is a magical experience making people dance.

3) Who Is Your Biggest Influences as An Artist

Josh: I am the son of a well-respected, South African psytrance pioneer, so Dave Mac is actually my only influence. He showed me the ropes and helped mold me into the DJ I am today.

Josh: When it comes to the actual music side of things there are so many! I love the Nano Records sounds so many of the artists signed to their roster are big influences (Tristan, Avalon, Dickster, Earthspace, Killerwatts, Altruism, Burn In Noise, Allaby, Tongue & Groove etc etc etc)  and the of course Astrix, Ace Ventura, Yestermorrow, Atomizers, the 24/7 crew – Materia, Sinerider, Waio, Braniac, Qaudrasonic, Plasmotek – The list goes on and on lol!

Josh: And some local guys like Contrast, Deliriant, Tune Raider, Rubix Qube, Killawatt, Halo Horizon, DJ Mark, Dynamic Range, Absynth, and Archive! The local guys have always treated me like part of the Psy-familia!

4) Newbies, Artists to look out for?

Josh: Tongue And Groove, who closed Origin, are not new but they have just come out with their debut album which is amazing – Brilliant Psy-tech beats.

Josh: Clockwise is making waves, Refractor, Loophole (everybody knows Benji –but he deserves a mention), Contrast (he’s gonna make it big, I got a feeling), Liquid Viking is already touring Europe which is a great sign for SA progressive psy. Pathcode is on his way to being a really good DJ as well as producing his own music

Josh: There are lots of guys that are pushing the boundaries for SA psytrance and I think that as a scene we are healthier than ever.

5) What do you have going on currently? What can we expect in the weeks to come?

October 19th – Organik Gaian Dream 2018

October 26th – Paradigm, Trenchtown Observatory

October 27th – Funky Voodoo: Halloween Edition

The Visual

The Audible

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