In Black & White Artist Feature – GRIMEHOUSE

Name: Keaton Anthony Carelse

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

The music loving madman as he put it is a king of his time and an underrated gem with the eye for brilliance. A man behind a mask who has taken his Grimehouse persona and isolated it to give rise an entity all on its own. Grimehouse was and still is one of the few pieces of SA music that can be regarded as a culturally significant vision and has a cult following stretching to all ends of South Africa and rightfully so. He has taken the “man behind the mask” ideology and ran with it way ahead of the curve… with the music movement on seeing masked artists rising to the occasion over the last 12-24 months. There is passion in everything he does and with people still raving about Magnum Opus… we are excited to see what follows.

The Scoop

1) Three Words To Describe Yourself

Keaton: Music… loving… madman.

2) Fave Release Of All Time?

Keaton: Make me pick one hey… Evil… I’m gonna have to say – Faithless – God is a DJ.

3) Artist(s) To Watch Out FOR?

Keaton: Kyle Shepard, Sicknal, Chee, Jon Casey.

4) Advice & Tips For Those Trying To Find Their Sound or Break Into The Scene

Keaton: Have faith in your style. Don’t just follow what’s popular because the industry is fickle and the wheel keeps turning. You’ll find yourself constantly chasing the scene. Define yourself no matter how hard it seems to be to do.

5) What Can We Expect From Grimehouse In The Weeks To Come? What Can We Look Foward To?

Keaton: Not many gigs because everyone wants to hear techno. But lots of new music will be coming soon!!

The Visual

The Audible

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