In Black & White Artist Feature – FRONTRUNNER

We chat EP Launch with FrontRunner

Name: Marc Le Roux

Facebook: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

Toiling in darkness to prevail within light… Marc has found his feet and in turn his sound amongst the noise and has led to the emergence of Frontrunner. Trusting in your imagination has never been truer with passion oozing from this project from every nook and cranny. We have been given a taste, very small but a taste nonetheless, of what Marc has to offer and it is brilliant. We only expect the best to come and with time, things will progress beyond anyone’s’ expectations.

The Scoop

1) Three Words To Describe Yourself

Marc: Hmmm that’s a tricky one: Persistent, Humble, Ambivert (Google it).

2) Biggest Inspiration As A Producer

Marc: I would have to say an artist named Rubix Qube; He’s been my mentor/teacher ever since I started and I usually trust his positive criticism with regards to my own tracks. Anyone that knows him will tell you he is the gentle giant because of his height and gentle nature. It’s also no secret another big inspiration in my music is a Portuguese artist called Alienn who played here not so long ago.

3) What Are You Currently Working On For Production

Marc: The studio is always being upgraded over time when I have some cash, but for the moment my setup is pretty basic… A desktop computer with Cubase 5 installed, Focal Alpha 65 monitors, Focusrite, 2I2 soundcard, Virus TI synthesizer.

4) Advice For Newbies and Up n Comers

Marc: The psytrance scene is extremely competitive for DJ’s and Producers alike. For every DJ that decides to quit there are 10 other’s waiting to take his place. Unless you have extreme luck on your side or some connections, from personal experience it literally takes years for anyone to notice you. I can’t remember the amount of times I felt like hanging up the headphones. So that being said… be prepared to be patient for a very very long time. It’s really about how much you’re willing to put into what you want in anything you do.

Marc: If there is One bit of advice I can give up and coming producer doesn’t matter which genre you produce. Never release your tracks too soon when starting! I can’t stress this enough….it’s a mistake I made myself and I see it happen all the time with others. Once that track is out there on the internet it’s there for everyone to hear permanently! I’m not saying wait 10 years to release anything….what I’m trying to say is get good at whatever you’re trying to do first…get the basics of music production perfected, and get a style/sound going THAT IS YOURS before deciding to release your work.

5) What Can We Expect In The Weeks To Come

Marc: I recently released a FrontRunner FT Rubix Qube track for Phoenix Records on a VA; the response was insane so I am super happy with that.  From a personal point, my long awaited Debut EP titled FrontRunner – Reality of Life is being released on MMD Records to which I got signed to recently on the 24th of October so watch out for that. I also have a few gigs lined up leading up to November, where you could hear my upcoming EP as well as other unreleased tracks I’ve been working on.

The Visual

The Audible

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