In Black & White Artist Feature – ECOTERIC

We talk a rising talent within SA - Ecoteric


NAME: Julian Venter


Julian is the mind behind the Ecoteric sound, a sound that comes from deep within. Focused on musical themes and stories. Deep bassline grooves with overlaying constructions and feel. His sound has been created to bring understanding to dance. Doing what he loves, feeling the music. Determined to learn and progress in his quality.


1) 3 words to describe your alias

Julian: Passionate. Determined. Open.

2) Dream Collab?

Julian: Ever since I began this musical journey as Eco, I have always been motivated by the aesthetic sound of the Sumiruna. I have always appreciated his intelligent sound design, the way he builds crescendos with instruments as well as his heart in the music. It feels as if I’m walking in his footsteps now that I have joined Universal Tribe Records, which is a big accomplishment and feeling for me!

3) Your Biggest Inspiration?

Julian: I decided to shift into a different musical direction, into the feel and groove of the bush and deep sound. I would say that Australia has always been my biggest inspiration, I feel like they have the best music in the world. The Australian sound is unique, deep, dark, cheeky and intelligent. It makes me dance.

4) Advice for newbies and rookies?

Julian: I would say keep at it and stay positive, watch your levels, carry out effective mixing techniques and know that your next attempt should most probably be much better than the previous one (this is how it goes for me). Most importantly, you must believe in yourself and use criticism to build you up and not break you down! The best musicians in the world are learning everyday and it is impossible for us artists to know everything.. although, when we are open to advice, we could most probably become better at our craft.

5) What can we expect in the weeks to come?

Julian: I have many releases happening in the coming weeks. I will be releasing my track Teria with Merkaba Music in January, my track Oksidaksi with Sonic Alchemy Records in February and another release on an Israeli VA called Global Communication which should be released around February/March. I am currently working on an EP similar to my tracks Anunnaki and Wax Wings and soon I will have additional information to share about the EP!



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