In Black & White Artist Feature – DYLAN MUNRO

Name: Dylan Munro

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

From the shadows steps forward an individual who tends to keep to himself in person so that he can let his music do what it needs to do, which is speak volumes. Dylan Munro is fairly new to the scene in terms of his compatriots he now stands next to but has earned his stripes quite early on making a name for himself and bringing his own unique journey to various floors all over Cape Town. There’s so much more he has to offer and with news of his own production in the works we cant wait to see what he throws down. Look out for this… We surely will!

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself In Three Words 

Dylan: Creative, resilient, compassionate.  

2) Your Fave Release Of All Time 

Dylan: Luciano Ft. JAW -7directions (Original Mix). 

3) Artist To Watch Out For? 

Dylan: Definitely Siphe Tebeka. 

4) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There? 

Dylan: Always stay humble, dedicate yourself to your passions, compete with yourself to become better than what you were the day before, keep a healthy body & mind, & collaborate with other artists. Don’t let peoples opinions bring you down or upset you, always take criticism in a constructive way. You need to have your own unique sound, trying to imitate other artists won’t get you far. Try & be as unique and creative as you possibly can. Motivate & give credit to those around you. Treat other artists in ways that you would want to be treated. Try get mixes up on local & international podcasts to gain traction on your social media & reach an international audience. Be active on your pages and Soundcloud by publishing relevant posts frequently. Practice makes perfect, try spend as much time in studio or on decks as possible. Send mixes out to promoters & events to get gigs, don’t rash but let them know who you are & what you’re about. 

5) What do you have going on currently? What can we look forward to?

Dylan: Currently I am busy with a few mixes for some International Podcasts such as Tanzgemeinschaft [Belgium], ElectronicMusicTreasury [Germany], Club Mood Vibes [Switzerland], The Deep Control [Russia], to name a few. I have just landed a residency at Cabron Taco Bar on Bree Street so you’ll find me there spinning tunes on most weekends. They have the best Mexican food in town & an amazing atmosphere so I recommend everyone to pull in. I also have some gigs coming up in Cape Town, you can just check out my Facebook page to see where & when I’ll be performing. Two big gigs coming up this month is Darkside Ft. Alex Ferrer & Bellville at Reset on the 21st, I’ll be supporting them downstairs under my techno alias, Atremura. Also my return to Modular on the 27th of this month for KONA Music.

Dylan: I also plan on releasing my own material this year as I’ve invested in a studio setup at home. I want to get as creative as possible & incorporate everyday sound into my music. My goal is to release music off of local labels in the near future so keep those eye peeled & your ears open. Much love!

The Visual

The Audible

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