In Black & White Artist Feature – DEEP AZTEC

We go deep with Deep Aztec


Name: Aza Jezile

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Soundcloud: Here

The Spoken Word

Unraveling a timeless piece of the future, we touch base with Aza Jezile aka Deep Aztec and have discovered more than we could have expected. Bubbly and determined, we find the sound of Deep Aztec making its way to ears everywhere and whispers of cult favorite status growing by the day. We push out these pieces to bring you something that you might not have been exposed to and this is one of them, Deep Aztec is just at the bottom of the hill and hope to see him climb to the top fairly quick. Check out his stuff, it’s worth every second you give it, and if you’re wanting to see him live in action, head to KONA this weekend at DISTRICT!

The Scoop

1) Three words to describe Deep Aztec

Aza: Humble, funny and crazy.

2) What sets you apart from the rest?

Aza: I am me. That’s what sets me apart from the rest. No one can be better at being me but myself.

3) What can we expect in the next few months? Anything special on the cards?

Aza: Been working on a lot of solo projects and doing collabs.  One massive collab I did this year with Boogie Vice (international artist from France. I’ve got two forthcoming remixes one is for MKLY&Sides (forthcoming on Ambious Records). The second remix is for Tonijah forthcoming on his latest EP (Turn Left Recordibgs , UK. Also have a few collabs with the homie’s Tonijah , Black Soda , Chad Lawrence and Da Brownie. There’s a LOT of music coming your way that’s all I can say.

4) If you could work with one artist, who would it be? 

Aza: The legendary Amp Fiddler!

5) Which newcomer has stood out the most this year for you? Any advice for those looking for guidance?

Aza: Kususa. A duo from Durban. These guys are doing big tings! 

Aza: The advice I’d give to those who seek guidance is; NEVER doubt your thoughts. Always stay positive and focus. I’m sure we’ve all heard those words before BUT we as musicians need to hear that often. One has t be mentally stable in order to be a successful artist. It takes a lot of self-discipline.

The Visual

The Audible

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