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We talk production and everything else music with Dean Fuel

Name: Dean Fuller

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The Spoken Word

The heirachy of quality has seen a huge chunk of its usual names find solace in different sounds and though there is conflict in choice whether to stick to what you love, what you know or in essence find themselves in a different palate, Dean Fuel has been consistent in showcasing himself as best he can. A man who has earned his stripes in multiple genres, ranging from his Progressive and Psytrance with Feedback and more uplifting sounds with the rise of Trance in the last decade, he has been synonymous with fitting in anywhere by doing what he does and that is… doing him. We have been gifted a bit of Feedback and in turn quite a bit of Dean Fuel but hope to see the reemergence of Labyrinth once more for a bit of Nostalgia.

The Scoop

1) Describe Yourself In Three Words

Dean: Passionate, determined, fun-loving (might be 4, but who’s counting) 😉

2) Your Fave Release Of All Time

Dean: Impossible to pick just 1 … Music depends too much on my mood! But certainly, a track that has always stood the test of time for me has been Age Of Love, and was one of the first “rave” tracks I got into.

Dean: I also love Sasha – Xpander as another fave classic release … and I often still slip in Cirez D’s On/ Off into my sets … but for real, there is just too much great music to have just 1 ‘best’ or favorite!

3) Artist/s To Watch Out For?

Dean: Nasser Baker (US), Flashmob (Italy), Edu Imbernon (Spain) and then Kususa (SA).

4) Advice For The Dreamers, Trendsetters & Up N’ Comers Out There?

Dean: Make sure you do whatever it is you do for the right reasons, follow your passion, work hard, and don’t be a d##k!

5) What do you have going on currently? What can we look forward to?

Dean: Phew – LOTS! My most recent track “Loving Me Wrong” which I signed to Universal has done incredibly well, charting as a Top 40 hit on 5fm, and also charting in the Top 100 on Shazam. It is still currently in the Top 10 dance charts on 5fm after being there for over 4 months, and is at #2 right now – which is incredible. My latest upcoming track – “Loop and Pitch” is in the process of being signed, due to be released as a 2 track EP soon! My podcast – #LetsGoDancing has now wrapped up 6 episodes, and the 7th will be out this month, so look out for that! And then lastly I’m now running a monthly club night called Let’s Go Dancing at Reset, its sort of a “Dean Fuel and friends” concept to showcase the best in House, Techno, and Progressive music with the best artists in SA, who mostly happen to be my good friends – for which I’m very lucky! The next one is this Friday night – 10 August and I’m featuring El Gordo, Danalog and Headroom as my guests, and then upstairs we feature up and coming artists including Dave Irish, Mr. Jay (Diskotekah) and Michael Douglas.

The Visual

The Audible


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